And People Willingly Live in the South, Why?

Ah vacation… or at least what passes for it in my household.  I had a guy call me on Tuesday and when he did so he apologized for calling on my vacation.  Laughing it off I told him that the difference between vacation and work for me was that on vacation I got to wear T-shirts and I only worked six hours a day as opposed to twelve.  The irony of that was that Tuesday I had a site visit to a job in Rome (Georgia, not the Italian one, although, amusing side note: a number of months ago I drove from Florence [SC] to Rome [GA].  It was amusing telling people what my travel plans were.) and I put on a nice shirt and ended up working a total of eleven hours that day.  Oh well, I still consider myself fortunate that I did not wind up flying back to Schenectady for a couple of days.

Tuesday served as my first reminder why I love living where we do in New York.  As I mentioned previously, I had a site visit in Rome which is the far north and west side of Atlanta… ok, to be perfectly accurate, Rome is not anywhere near Atlanta, and neither is Monroe which is east of Atlanta and where my in-laws live.  In all it was about a 2.5 hour drive out there and I intentionally scheduled my meeting so that I would not have to battle traffic getting out there and so that I could at least attempt to get out early and avoid traffic on the way home.  The first part of my plan went off without a hitch, I avoided the heaviest parts of Atlanta traffic, although it would appear that what would have passed as mild traffic when I lived here eight years ago now passes for light to no traffic.  Unfortunately, the gentleman I was meeting hit a bad patch of weather and wound up being an hour and a half late.  He gave me enough notice before I left that I wasn’t sitting there waiting on him the whole time, but he was still later than he was supposed to be.  This meant that I did not get out of Rome until the beginning threads of rush hour and Google politely informed me that my total commute had been increased by an additional hour and a half based on traffic conditions… Awesome.  Traffic in my home town might constitute a 20 min delay if things get real bad, and my 3.1 mile commute in to the office has taken me a grand total of 18 minutes during horrific weather conditions with multiple accidents along the way.

Of course, if I had not made the trip to Rome on Tuesday I would have been robbed of this little gem.  When stopping for fuel and a restroom break I happened to catch sight of the summary block across the top of the Rome News-Tribune.  Personally I don’t know what they will accuse this woman of, most people will willingly give up their Mondays.img_5219

Christmas day provided my second reminder why I love where I currently live.  It was a grand total of 75 degrees on Sunday and as I was playing manhunt outside with the nephews and nieces (including a couple of the neighborhood kids who appear to have adopted me as their awesome uncle) I began to sweat in the extremely humid air.  By the time we were done I reeked of an odor faintly reminiscent of wet dog.  I guess I can’t complain too much about this one since it was 72 degrees on Christmas eve in Schenectady last year, but the difference is that what was an abnormality in NY is what passes for normal around here.

This was the first Christmas in a number of years that we have actually had a big celebration on Christmas Day.  The past few years… most of my married years, in fact, we have actually pushed our Christmas celebration to the week before or after Christmas, so it was actually with a good deal of surprise that when I tried to take my nephew out to the store to pick up some batteries and a spare Nerf gun I discovered that everyone was closed.  What’s up with that?  This is America darn it, my vain consumerism should trump any body’s right to have a day off and enjoy the holidays with their own families, right?  Ah well, at least the authors and editors of certain select newsletters are still filling their civic duties today.  Merry Christmas to all those still enjoying the last few minutes of Christmas Day 2016.


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