36,000 Words a Day with a 350 Word Vocabulary

One of the things I love about my current job is the number of different things I may end up doing over the course of a week, this past week for instance I have acted in the capacity of an electrician, an iron worker, an equipment operator, a field surveyor, and a general construction hand… all of this on top of my normal duties as a project manager.  One of the things I hate about my current job is how many different things there are that require my attention yet distract me from the things I am actually supposed to be doing, this past week for instance I have acted in the capacity of an electrician, an iron worker, an equipment operator, a field surveyor, and a general construction hand.  It’s amazing that I can find time to do my other job anymore.  Funny how things turn out like that.

I was praying with a guy on Saturday and he asked me how things were going, I told him that things were going much better than the previous few months, things weren’t any less busy (or stressful) but there was finally a light at the end of the tunnel and that was enough to make all the difference in the world.  That’s all it takes anymore to improve my quality of life, things don’t have to actually get better, they just have to look like they are going to get better soon.  It seems like there should be a sermon illustration in there somewhere.

One of the reasons that I took a hiatus from writing this newsletter was the fact that I was really struggling to come up with source material.  That problem, in large part, stemmed from the fact that this job has really done a number on my short-term memory.  So much of my job as of late has been fighting one fire after another, it is rare that I can start a task and then get that task completed before something else comes up that demands my attention.  Whether it was drafting a simple email, preparing a building permit, or updating a project financials, I simply could not summon enough time to finish the tasks before receiving a phone call calling me out to the field, or being approached by a coworker and asked for some piece of information.  It started to affect my memory as I could no longer keep track of the things I had been working on.  It has gotten bad enough that on more than one occasion I have called someone and in the time it took for the person to answer (or for me to get their voicemail) I had already forgotten who I was calling not to mention why I had even called in the first place!

It was not that funny or amusing stuff had stopped happening to me, it was that I simply could not recall what that stuff was when it came to write my newsletter.  In truth, my memory has not really much improved in the intervening months, I’ve simply decided that cherry picking only the funniest moments was a requirement to write… that and my note-taking has moderately improved.  Thus, all you get from me now are fragmented recollections of my previous week, something that is probably not nearly as funny as it once was.  I’m beyond apologizing though so you will simply have to suffer through with me.

I just realized that I have not devoted any time this year to my annual “I hate leaves” blog post.  Well, I just finished raking my leaves this year, probably about a month and a half past when I should have and an easy three weeks past when the last of my neighbors raked theirs.  Truthfully, I didn’t even really rake my leaves all that much, I just gathered the few piles I had scattered around the yard for the kids and hauled them back behind my fence, the rest I just left layered over the yard (mostly the back yard), I’ll mulch them when next spring rolls around and I have to start mowing my lawn.  At least, that is what I keep telling myself; for now I’ve just become that one guy with the hideous looking lawn.  I also learned a valuable lesson yesterday during the 3 hours I spent raking and hauling leaves, wet leaves are heavy, like really, really, heavy.  Anyway, have I mentioned how much I hate leaves?

I had one of those moments this morning when I saw the stark contrast between men and women.  When my children came into my bedroom I asked each of them, in turn, how they slept.  Jack and Nicolas both responded “Good,” and “fine” respectively.  When it came time for my not-quite-two-year-old daughter to respond, she looked me in the eye and said, “I had a good nap, daddy.”  She will turn two this month and while she doesn’t have the vocabulary of a fully functioning adult (though compared to a typical two-year-old she far exceeds expectations) she still probably uses more words in a day than I do.


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