Roll Out the Welcome Mat

This week we finally got some movement on the adoption, we were notified that the court issued the letter of investigation for the final homestudy.  Theoretically this means we are a visit from the social worker who performed our initial homestudy (fortunately) and probably a few more weeks from the court away from our adoption being finalized, and the rest of the blogosphere from seeing pictures of our entire family.  While this is an important and exciting step, it is all beginning to blend together and it feels like just another step.  I can only imagine what it must be like going through the international adoption process where this kind of thing stretches on for years.

Truthfully, the actual finalization of the adoption is meaningless when it comes to our behaviors and attitudes governing our family, it is more of a symbolic step than anything else.  This was very evident by the conversation I had with a friend this past weekend about the letter we received from the court and his comment was, “Oh, I thought your adoption was already finalized.”  Nevertheless it is still a milestone that Leslie and I have been looking forward to and one we will be glad to finally have under our belts.

I now live in a home that is predominantly masculine, a fact of which I am very proud.  The level of one’s humor is frequently proportional to the audible volume at which one can expel gas.  While Leslie is not altogether approving of this type of humor, Ayla has had no issues jumping on the bandwagon.  The other morning I woke up to find that Jack had crawled into bed with Leslie and I at some point during the evening and was snuggled up between us sound asleep.  As I began to stretch and get out of bed I let loose a somewhat large belch and watched as the corners of my middle son’s mouth briefly turned up into a grin.  It was fleeting, but it was definitely a grin.  I waited to see his eyes pop open and greet me with a good morning but was surprised as he kept on sleeping.  Once I realized that he was not going to wake up it was all I could do to stifle my laughter, because even when he is sleeping my son thinks burping is hilarious.

Our church hosted a community event yesterday that was waterpark themed.  We rented several inflatable water slides, a bounce house, and a dunk tank and then fed everyone hotdogs and potato chips as we all gave thanks for the fact that we had not decided to host this event a week earlier when it was raining and the temperatures had dipped below 50F.  We had a lot of fun and had several hundred people come out.  I mostly spent my time going up and down the water slides with the boys, but I took a number of rotations in the dunk tank as well… enough that when I got up this morning my abs were killing me, I sneezed and it almost made me cry.  Towards the end of the event, after Leslie had already taken the kids home to put them down for a nap, I was wandering the field picking up trash when one of my students nailed me with a squirt gun.  Naturally, my only recourse was to stealthily grab a bucket of water and sneak up behind her.  I gained momentum as I brought the bucket up to drench her with water only to notice that behind my target was a gentleman sitting on a towel.  Too late, I had already tipped the bucket too far and I was moving too fast.  While I primarily soaked my target there was no getting over the fact that I had made a mess of things with the guy standing behind her.

I apologized profusely and offered to let him use my towel to finish drying off.  He assured me that he was fine and that it was no bother and we parted ways.  My only consolation was that I had never met this guy before and I would probably never see him again.  A bit later I noticed him getting up off the ground and collecting his family, I again approached him to offer my apologies.  He once again said that everything was ok, and as a method of furthering the conversation said, “Your Yoda impression is awesome.”  It took me a few moments to make the connection before I realized that he must have attended one of our services three weeks ago when I preached.  Well… there you go, you should come to our church because once you’ve attended for seven consecutive weeks we dump a bucket of ice cold water on you.  Sorry D, please come back, it won’t happen again… at least I don’t think it will.

For those of you keeping score that is the third compliment I’ve received specifically on my Yoda impression from a few weeks ago and for those of you who are curious the audio for my sermon can be found below.



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