I had to go into work this Saturday to print off some drawings for a meeting I was flying down to on Monday.  Unfortunately I had forgotten to print these drawings off on Friday before I left the office so there I was late Saturday afternoon.  Since Leslie was making dinner and I did not expect to be in the office too long I elected to take the boys with me; I was only going to be there 30-45 minutes, how much trouble could they get into, right?  To be fair, they weren’t really the ones getting into trouble; that was more my fault.  We entered my office building and immediately Jack was full of questions.  “This your work, daddy?  This your work?”  We wandered through the building and eventually found our way to my office i.e. cubicle cluster, but as we walked in the door both of them immediately saw the gigantic gong that sits inside our office and began questioning me as to its purpose.

Now I know some of you are probably asking the same questions my boys were, “why on earth is there a gigantic gong in your office?”  Let’s just say that some of our spending habits reflect that of the bunch of big kids that appear to work there from time to time.  You might be wondering if I am one of those big kids that happens to work there; let’s just say that at one point I made a comment on the nice suit my boss happened to wear in the office one day after a court date, to which he replied, “You should dress for the job you want, not the job you have.”  The following day I showed up to work wearing my son’s Batman mask… a few people commented, most just took it in stride.  Hey, the man said dress for the job you want.

What does all of that have to do with the gigantic gong sitting in our office?  Not much, but it begins to set the tone.  Anyway, the decision was made that there were certain events that should be celebrated with a ringing of the gong; thus the decision was made, the website, Gongs Unlimited (I wish I were joking), was visited, the purchase was made, and three weeks later we had a gigantic gong sitting in our office.  Fast forward to this past Saturday and here I am alone in the office with only my two sons.  I finished up the work I needed to do and as we were leaving I asked them, “Do you guys want to hear me ring the gong?”  Fortunately I had the wherewithal to film the event.  The events that transpired were truly hilarious and just go to prove that I’m every bit as much of a kid as my kids, I’m just a little bigger.


The bathrooms in my new office building have really caused me to start pondering some of the oddities of life and design.  Why would you install a touchless/automatic faucet on a sink but leave all of the toilets as a manual flush?  Why install a hands free sink but force me to stick my entire hand in the trashcan to throw away my paper towel because the lid is spring loaded and on such a stiff spring that you have to stick your hand in the trash can to get the trash to stay in versus flying right back out and onto the floor?  Why do I still have to open the door!?  All this extra money and effort was spent to make things more automated and sanitary, yet those of us who actually wash our hands get stuck at the exact same choke point as those who do not.  Phaw!  I have such first world problems.

As I sit here on the airplane I am afraid I may officially be getting old.  The girl sitting next to me is playing a couple of games on her phone and I cannot help but watch the flashing colors and pretty lights.  She seems to be keeping up and doing pretty well despite the fact that just watching these games is making me go cross-eyed; I can barely keep up with the little ball as it flashes across the screen, much less even begin to think about reacting quickly enough to actually control it.  There was a time that I was perfectly capable of playing those games, I fear that time has passed.  This whole getting old thing stinks.  It started out real slow but now everywhere I look it keeps slapping me in the face.  Realizing I have been married for 10 years played a part in it but I recently was having a conversation with my mom and I suddenly realized how old my parents are… I mean, wow… I’m too young to have parents that old, right?  All joking aside, there is a song that is particularly relevant here, I’m turning the floor over to “They Might Be Giants.”



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