It Was Just a Pair of Pants

I’ve been sitting on the picture included in this newsletter for several months. Not because there was any moral or ethical question about sharing it, just because I completely forgot I had it. Of course, this picture would not be complete without the back story. The names and places of those involved have been changed to protect their identities. There exists within my family a certain rogue element… Not really, but I’ve always wanted to start a story like that so now that I have flushed it out of my system… A certain mother and daughter were taking a sewing class together. Said daughter was in her late teens and had attained the age where children believe they have surpassed their parents in matters governing intelligence and knowledge of life in general. One of the assignments for this sewing class was to create an article of clothing. The formerly mentioned mother elected to sew a pair of pajama pants and was guided in her endeavors by her daughter’s instruction. Wisdom told the mother that her daughter’s instruction was fallible and likely incorrect, however, in a final moment of frustration she decided to sew exactly how her daughter had instructed. The following picture was the final result.IMG_4298

Now that you have enjoyed a good laugh, pick yourself up off the floor and enjoy the rest of my newsletter.

Well, we are officially on our way down to West Virginia to take custody of our son. If things go well we could be on our way back home as early as Tuesday. If things do not go well we may have to take up residence in the state of West Virginia and surrender guardianship of our biological children to the people who are currently caring for them back in New York. On a side note, we have been preparing Jack for the past few days for the fact that he is going to be spending three to four days with four or five different people. He has not really showed a lot of concern for that fact, especially since he will be staying with probably his two best friends for the first day. In fact, all he has said the past day and half is “Jack Jack stay with Miss Jess and see Maddox and Caius?” Over and over and over again. Speaking of, you know how the experts say that the average toddler asks 17,239 questions a day? Well, they never tell you that the average toddler does not ask 17,239 different questions each day, they just ask the same question 17,239 different times.

We have not broadcast the fact that we are preparing to adopt a little boy, but our adoption is no secret within our church. This knowledge combined with the fact that our children will be staying with our pastor’s wife and their three kids on Monday came to a hilarious conclusion on Saturday. Saturday evening, upon hearing the news that Jack and Ayla would be staying with them for a little while, prompted Raelyn, the pastoral family’s eldest child, to ask, “We are adopting Jack and Ayla? Why? I thought Derrik and Leslie were good parents.” After a bout of hysterical laughter Jess calmly explained, “No, we are not adopting Jack and Ayla; they are going to stay with us while Derrik and Leslie go and get their new son.”

I received a phone call from a guy I used to work with fairly recently. He took a job with another company back in September of last year but he still lives in the Schenectady area. We had seen each other as recently as December, but had not really had a chance to get together since. He called me yesterday afternoon asking if I wanted to grab lunch together on Monday. I told him that I was unavailable Monday since I was going to be in West Virginia. When he asked what was in West Virginia, this of course, led to the explanation that we were adopting a little boy. After a stunned silence he asked, “How long has it been since we have talked? Doesn’t this kind of thing usually take years, not weeks?” That whole conversation really put things in perspective for me. We’ve gone from zero to adoption in an incredibly short time. It was put even further in perspective when I realized that the current parents of this little boy began their adoption process before Jack was ever conceived. Jack has only existed for a little over three years (including his time spent in the womb, in fact, considering that he was in Brazil for about four months, one might say that he had a womb with a view), yet I am already starting to have a difficult time imagining what life was like before we had children, but here in less time than it takes an average international adoption I have managed to acquire three of them.

File this under “Random Thought of the Day.” If I had a clone and I was forced to live with this clone, would I get along with myself? Would we complete each other’s sentences? What would happen if we played paintball against each other? Who would win assuming everything else was equal? What would my children call him? Dad 2? Dad Junior? I imagine we would either be best friends or absolutely detest each other, I am fairly confident there would be no middle ground. If I killed my clone, would it be murder or suicide? These are the thoughts that entertain me as I enjoy my flight from Albany to Atlanta.


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