Sometimes I Think I Am the Only Person Who Gets My Titles

For those of you keeping track, yes, I am slipping further and further behind on what day I actually publish. It has been a combined result of busy weekends spent getting a bedroom ready and busy weekends spent preparing for a sermon… although, to be perfectly fair, my sermon was yesterday morning so I truly don’t have much of an excuse for not writing last night, other than being exhausted. Side note: my microphone died during my sermon and as soon as he saw what happened our lead musician leapt up to grab a couple of spare batteries. We quickly changed out the batteries and I resumed speaking. I desperately wanted to make an intermission joke and I frantically searched the recesses of my mind for something witty but everything I could come up with involved bathroom humor. Going with what was probably my better judgment I elected to just continue on. Of course, now that I have had time to think about it I’ve come up with a number of suitable quips but alas I am a day late and a dollar short.

Nevertheless it was a week of accomplishment, at least on the creative front. I spent the last three weekends building a dresser for our new son’s bedroom and I finally put the finishing touches on it this past weekend. While it confirmed my previously determined notions that I am definitely not a finished detail type carpenter, it still looked really nice and I was proud of how it turned out… despite the fact that one of the drawers sticks and took some creative cutting to get it straight.IMG_4250 IMG_4251

Last week I was supposed to travel to North Carolina to visit a couple of projects and do a couple of site walks with some vendors. Of course my day of travel conveniently coincided with a snow and ice storm that tore through the Carolinas. Not as bad as some, but certainly enough to delay flights coming out of Charlotte by a significant amount. Flights going in to Charlotte were not delayed but unfortunately my plane to Charlotte had to first come from Charlotte. I was originally supposed to fly out at 1900, but as I watched my flight get delayed further and further I became ever more grateful that I did not have to leave the comfort of my own home. By 2200 the plane had been confirmed as having left Charlotte and my own flight back was scheduled for 2330. Knowing the roads were pretty slick I decided to leave the house a little bit early. Imagine my surprise when I got to the airport and discovered that the airport (specifically ticketing and security) had shut down well before the last flight was scheduled to depart. Baffled, I finally found a guy standing guard over the security exit and told him I had a flight leaving in an hour and I needed to get through security. “I’m sorry,” he replied, “There’s no way to get through. TSA pretty much closes when they want to and unfortunately for you that was about 45 min ago. You are probably the third guy to ask me that question.” Wait… what? I’m sorry; you lost me at the point where the airport closes before the last flight is scheduled to depart. Long story short, I missed my flight, or more specifically, I was back home snuggled up under the covers while my plane was taking off. File this under “Things that surprise me but probably shouldn’t… Especially when dealing with the TSA.”

I did end one ridiculously long day of travel by spending a few hours with a buddy from high school eating a ridiculously priced (but excellent) steak. After spending a bit catching up on family and jobs he finally asked me, “So, perhaps most importantly, what did you think about the latest Star Wars movie?” A large part of our dinner conversation was then spent talking about Episode VII, including our various views and opinions on certain canon and non-canon material. In some ways I never truly left high school. To be perfectly fair, we also balanced our time by discussing the pros and cons of performing emergency medical procedures based on knowledge gained from Youtube videos, which we then supplemented by watching how to perform a tracheotomy. Perhaps fortunately we elected to stop short of actually demonstrating any of our newly acquired skills. Now my wife can rest well knowing that should she or any of our children ever get stung by a bee on the lip causing their airways to swell up horrendously I now know how to slice open their throat and insert a hollow tube bypassing the swelling and allowing air to pass through a recently created airway. Next week, heart surgery.


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