The Legal System At Its Finest

I am going to try and keep it brief this week, we’ve got a lot going on and I’ve got three or four things I need to get written this evening. Fortunately for you my devoted audience takes a high precedence so if there are one or more things that do not get done tonight it won’t be my newsletter… lucky you.

Our daughter seems to be developing quite a sweet tooth. There are other signs, but the latest indication was this evening. We were invited to our pastor’s house to watch the Super bowl… side note; this is probably the first professional football game I have ever watched from start to finish, assuming of course I actually make it all the way through this one (I didn’t). Anyway, we were sitting down watching the game and I was eating a brownie, Ayla crawled up to the couch and stood up against my leg practically begging for a bite. I scraped a crumb off of the plate and fed it to her and she promptly perked up and started flirting with me for another bite. After throwing a fit when there was no more brownie left she crawled up into my lap and sat with me when Leslie went into the kitchen to grab some more water and a cupcake. As Leslie sat down Ayla caught sight of the cupcake on Leslie’s plate and immediately began wailing inconsolably when I refused to give her any. The funny thing is she has never had a cupcake before but she was absolutely convinced that since mommy was eating it she needed to have some.

One great piece of news that came at the end of this past week, Friday to be specific, was that we finally received our conditional certification for adoption. This means that as soon as the current family of our adoptive son is prepared to schedule a court date with their attorney and the state of West Virginia then we will be able to go down and take custody. We expect that this will probably happen this week. This means that it is highly likely that our future son will be in our home by next weekend. This will obviously be a significant change to our lives; we’re not even close to being prepared for this but we trust that God will provide in whatever shortcomings we have.

After we take custody there is some paperwork that has to be filed with the state of West Virginia since this is an interstate adoption; after the West Virginia court approves the documentation this paperwork will then be forwarded to the state of New York. It will only be after approval by the court in New York that we will be allowed to bring him across the state border. Of course, none of this paperwork can be filed until after we take custody in the state of West Virginia. This means that we could potentially be in limbo; just hanging out in our hotel room in West Virginia for a period of time of several days to a week. Our attorney has assured us that the process should be relatively quick since each state understands the difficulties associated with interstate adoption and has no desire to see us just hang around a place that is not our home for an indefinite period of time. Our attorney has assured us of that but after the last three and a half weeks of (ridiculous) delays by the Schenectady court system I am none too comforted.

By the time I get my next newsletter out I will either be a recent father of three… or I will not. We shall see how this next week goes.


2 thoughts on “The Legal System At Its Finest

  1. She has totally had a cupcake before. Do you not remember the red icing smeared across her face on her first birthday??? A bloodbath if I ever saw one.

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