Snowmageddon It Was Not

Another week filled with lots of travel. Monday was a holiday but I went in to the office anyway since I had originally planned on taking Friday off. I actually somewhat enjoy working on holidays since the office is practically empty and I usually wind up being significantly more productive than when everyone is there. While I have considered working from home on more than one occasion it would appear that the office environment is also very conducive to my being productive. It would appear that in order for me to maximize my productivity I need to work in an office building that contains no people.

Monday night I drove to Boston for a meeting planned first thing in the morning on Tuesday. I got up early Tuesday morning and got a little bit of work done, significantly less than I had hoped due to an internet connection that worked at the speed of smell. Then I stopped by my site and kicked the tires… figuratively of course, a solar project has no tires. From there I drove back to Albany where I had hoped to swing by the house for an hour and see the kids, however, due to my lack of productivity in the morning I, instead, elected to head back to the office for an hour or so. From there I met up with two coworkers and we drove to Philadelphia where we had a conference we were attending on Wednesday and Thursday. Congratulations, you are now reading the blog of GE’s preeminent authority on building solar projects on top of landfills and brownfield sites; that is to say, I have attended a conference on how to do so while simultaneously attempting to build a site over a landfill. I have completed building exactly zero of these types of sites, that said, I now have more experience than anyone else on the solar team so that must make me our preeminent authority.

Wednesday night I experienced a first; one of the engineering firms we frequently partner with had also sent a representative to this conference; this representative had certain connections that scored us an invitation to The Pyramid Club in downtown Philly. This was a first because it is the only time I have ever step foot in a private club before… I have to admit, even aside from having the best view in Philadelphia, it was a pretty nice club; the food and service was excellent. I had a steak that came with sides of potatoes and spinach. Now I know you are probably thinking, “Spinach, that’s disgusting. Surely he did not eat it.” Initially, that was my thought as well, however, when something comes drenched in as much butter as this spinach was it becomes practically impossible for it not to be good. The spinach was definitely present but it basically served as a butter delivery vehicle so that one was not caught eating a bowl of melted butter by the spoonful.

Leslie and I had come in to the week expecting that on Friday we would be flying out to West Virginia to meet our soon to be adoptive son for the first time. Thursday, while I was driving back to Albany after our conference ended, I discovered that due to the pending enormity of Winter Storm Jonas, our flights had been cancelled. Frustrated, I called Leslie and we discussed our options. Knowing that time was short we made up our minds to just drive down to West Virginia, a drive that would have been about 10 hours. Long, but doable and we would be able to get in before the storm hit as long as we left the house shortly after I arrived from Philly. While driving back I began to have serious doubts about the wisdom of travelling this way, nevertheless, I pushed it out of my head and decided to make the decision once I got back to Albany.

As my coworkers and I crossed the New Jersey border back into New York I began to panic as I realized we had likely crossed the 96 mile radius centered around Albany within which not a single Chick Fila can be found. I quickly told my navigator to look up the nearest Chick Fila. Like any sane person who has ever eaten at Chick Fila, he approved of my food choice and began his search. Divine providence was smiling upon us that day as he found one not ten minutes away and in the right direction too. Renewed after our stop for sustenance we completed the drive back to Albany.

When I got home I was so tired that I was practically cross-eyed. After making a couple of calls and determining that I could change my hotel and rental car reservations with no penalty, I finally made the decision to put off our trip. As it turns out it was a good decision. The part of West Virginia we were going to visit got nearly 30” of snow and that part of West Virginia reacts with roughly the same efficiency as the city of Atlanta towards any showing of that powdery white stuff, which is to say that they may still be trying to dig themselves out by the time we fly down there next weekend.

So this week I am going to travel a little bit more and then this weekend hopefully we are going to meet our future son for the first time. Also, let it go on the record that I am extremely peeved that certains parts of North Carolina, Tennessee, and even South Carolina received more snow this weekend that Albany has seen this entire winter! Jonas slammed into New York City dumping a foot of snow and we didn’t see even as much as a single flurry! I don’t mind the cold but this no snow thing is for the birds; I should not be able to see how dead my lawn is this late in the winter!


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