The 80’s Strike Back

Several months ago I was in the Schenectady Police station getting fingerprinted (it’s not what you think). While there I noticed something that made me laugh, probably more than I should have. I asked the desk clerk if I could take a picture and she said “sure, go right ahead.” The commentary that followed concerning this beauty to the right (or below if you are reading the blog version) was in itself worthy of a good laugh. The clerk went on to describe in great length how this “radio” was an excellent piece of equipment that got great reception (although sometimes you had to fiddle with the antenna, i.e. that long piece of wire strung from the back) and still had good sound quality. So without further ado I present you with possibly the last remaining, fully functional, 80’s era boombox as it was discovered in a police station in upstate New York. Congratulations Schenectady, you win the retro award for the year! But seriously, considering that this thing still works, and works well, it is probably worth a bit of money these days.IMG_3925

I’ve wavered back and forth the past couple of weeks about sharing some exciting news concerning our family. First off, no, Leslie is not pregnant again; which means that unfortunately I cannot use the newsletter title, “Oops, We Did It Again.” Secondly, no, we are not getting a dog (or cat, or fish, or anything other type of animal). Thirdly, no, we are not moving back to Lubbock, or Denver, or Dumas, or Idaho Falls, or Raleigh, or Rio de Janeiro, or Atlanta, or wherever else you might be hailing from that Leslie and I have lived at one point in our lives. Fourthly… Alright, fine, I will just get on with it and tell you what the news is rather than what the news is not.

I will not go into a lot of detail, at least not until things are finalized but Leslie and I have been presented with the opportunity to adopt a little boy into our home. This has been completely unrelated to the foster care options we had been pursuing, at least unrelated in a worldly sense; it would appear that God in His infinite wisdom used the thought an concept of foster care to bring us to the point where we were even ready to consider the concept of adoption in the immediate future. Things have been moving very quickly. We first found out about this situation back in early December of last year, shortly before we went on our three week vacation. Initially there seemed to be a great sense of urgency surrounding the situation (think days, not weeks or even months), however as we began to feel out the situation we realized we had a bit more time than originally seemed apparent.

We worked through starting the process as much as we could while we were in Atlanta and then Dallas, but in reality there was very little that could be done without us being physically present to sign a few documents and fill out some paperwork. That said, when we returned on the 4th of January we hit the ground running. We had originally been told that we should expect the process to take about 6-8 weeks from the time we submitted our paperwork, meaning we would likely be looking at taking custody of the boy no earlier than March. When I spoke with the attorney on Thursday I was given a surprising update; I was told that as soon as the court granted our conditional precertification, which should be given no later than Tuesday of this upcoming week (the 19th), we would be looking at a one to two week timeframe before we could take custody of our future son. This means we could very well be taking custody of him before the end of January, but if not, still the first week of February. If that actually happens this would probably be the quickest adoption process since Mordecai adopted Esther; that took all of about six words.

Independently of the news we received on Thursday we had already made travel arrangements to go down and visit him and his current parents (they live in West Virginia) this upcoming weekend. My mother-in-law is flying up to take care of Jack and Ayla while we go down to visit. What’s crazy is that we could meet him for the first time this weekend and then immediately turn around next weekend to bring him home. I know this all may seem very sudden, and realistically it really is, especially considering that adoption proceedings can drag on for years, but the timing of it has been as if by divine appointment. We received word of what was going on in time for us to pray about it and then bring the news before our parents and other family in person while we were visiting for Christmas.

We know enough to realize how unprepared for this we really are, or probably anyone is going into adoption for the first time; but we also move into this time with assurance that this is where God has called us to serve. We ask for your prayers, not so much for Leslie and I, although we definitely appreciate those as well, but more for this little boy who will be coming in to our home. He will be going through the attachment trauma of losing a family not once, but twice and we suspect that it is very likely he will be battling with a lot of trust issues. Our own prayers have been that God would protect his heart during this transition and that he would know he is loved and desired.

I know there are probably a lot of details that many of you would like to know, but this is as much as I am comfortable sharing in such a public forum at this point in time. I would be happy to field any questions in a more personal setting, whether via phone or email, and hopefully I will be able to fill in some of the gaps once the adoption has been finalized in a few months (there is a three month waiting period in the state of New York after we have received custody of the child prior to us being able to finalize the adoption). In the meantime we simply ask for your prayers, for this little boy, for our family as it is about to be expanded, and for the family that this little boy is leaving.

We love all of you guys and we are excited to invite you to continue to follow us as we leap from one adventure to the next.


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