Greatest Christmas Present Ever

Whew, what a busy week. To be fair, I somewhat brought it on myself by being out of the office for 3 weeks, two of which I was on vacation and not officially working. On top of that I was unable to secure a replacement cell phone until late Wednesday afternoon (at which point the rest of my day was consumed attempting to reconfigure my new phone as a clone of my old one. Let me tell you, Microsoft products really do not communicate well with Apple products when you really need them to) so it was a little frustrating being married to my desk as I tried to contact various utility and city government employees with whom I could only leave a voicemail requesting they call my office phone. And if that was not enough, I came back into the office Monday to discover that we had three new people who had joined our team with another supposed to start the following week; all that adds up to the fact that since this time last year my team has grown over 128%. Despite all of that, it was a relaxing Saturday spent enjoying a brisk 42F weather that was made a bit cold by a constant drizzle.

Almost every state has their own claim to wide temperature fluctuations, at least every state I have ever lived in. Many of you have seen various images posted online claiming how their state is unique because they experience all four seasons over the course of a day or week. Well… here in New York we don’t really seem to have that problem, we just experience two seasons in one week, summer and winter. Christmas Day it was 74F in Schenectady, Tuesday (the 5th) it was 2F when I got up that morning. I’m not really upset that it is cold outside, I can appreciate the northern winters, what I am upset about is that it is this cold outside and there is no snow on the ground. I take that back, there was a little bit of snow of the ground that remained from a measly inch we got a week ago but that was completely obliterated by today’s constant rain and nearly 50F degrees. Apparently we were not singing “Let It Snow” nearly enough this holiday season.IMG_4164

I got Leslie the greatest Christmas present of all time this year. I ordered it while we were in Atlanta so it was waiting here at the house for us when we got back… or more specifically I had to go pick it up from a friend since I had it delivered to his address as I did not want it sitting on our front porch for 3 weeks. When I ordered it I told him it would be a very large box, actually it would be a huge box. He texted me when it arrived and said, it was indeed, a very large box. A few days before we got home he texted me again and asked when I was going to pick it up as it was a very large box and was taking up quite a bit of room in his entry way. He quickly added that it was not a big deal since it made an excellent table to put things on as it was… a very large box. When I got to his home to pick it up I was actually a little disappointed, it was a large box, make no mistake, but it was definitely not a “very large box.” When I went down to pick it up I was surprised to discover that this not-quite-a-very-large-box actually weighed about 50lbs. I carried the box out to my truck and somehow managed to stuff it in the front seat since it was raining and the box was too large to fit underneath my bed cover. I got home and allowed Leslie to open the box to discover a 7’ tall beanbag stuffed into a box roughly 3’x3’x3’. Greatest Christmas gift ever. It takes up most of the living room but I can now throw my children around the room with wild abandon knowing that they are [likely] going to land on a soft cushion of fabric and mattress like material. I’m actually considering covering the entire floor of my home with the about 2’ of filler material similar to that which is contained within this beanbag… it would be awesome. Except for maybe in the case of a fire, in that case we would probably all die.IMG_4176

Speaking of death, it would appear that I may have given my son an unhealthy fascination with people dying. You see, whenever people cough he will go up to them and ask if they are ok. A couple of days ago I went into a coughing fit and Jack being Jack he came running in and asked, “Ok?” Between gasps for breath and coughing I responded, “No I think I might be dying.” To which Jack responded, Daddy die?” Trying to be witty and frustrate my over-worked wife I replied, “Yes son, eventually daddy will die.” To wit he responded by listing off all the members of our family asking if they would die. This was not a big problem until this morning on the way to church he began asking over and over, “Jack-Jack die? Jack-Jack die?” Needless to say we received a request from his Sunday school teacher to speak with us privately after church.


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