A Car Seat Conundrum

Good news, astoundingly enough Delta actually located my Kindle… Actually, the fact they located it is not what’s astounding; what is astounding is more that someone else did not located it first and decide to appropriate it as their own or if they did locate it the decision was made to turn it in. This was truly a fortunate turn of events as it means that I will not be forced to use the gift certificates I received for Christmas to purchase a replacement Kindle; I consider this this fortunate because I have been forced to use my own spending money to purchase my books for the past six months. Usually I am able to string out the gift certificates I get during the holidays and my birthday and make them last most of the year… this past year has not been a kind one, both in terms of cost and quantity of literature consumed, this was largely due to the combination of ditching the PS4 and traveling (on my own) a lot more during the course of the year.

How does one know they probably consume too much Worcestershire sauce in a given period of time? When one finds themselves buying it by the gallon for a family of two. Worcestershire sauce does not have an expiration date that I am aware of, nevertheless, I cannot imagine most people go through enough in their entire lives to warrant buying a gallon of it. Welcome to my parent’s home.IMG_4136

Monday we gathered up all of our family and made the trip (flew) down to Atlanta. There is really something to be said about not having to make a connecting flight when travelling with small children. Our trip was short and uneventful… just how I like them, and probably long overdue after last week’s travel complications. During check in Jack began to cry as the desk agent took away his car seat and placed it on the baggage carousel. We got him calmed down and took him through security where he began to get excited about his upcoming ride on a plane. After we boarded the plane Jack was excitedly sitting in the window seat pointing out all of the activity going on around the plane. Suddenly he burst into tears again crying “seat, seat!” Concerned about his sudden distress, Leslie and I tried to determine exactly what the source of his concern was. Upon looking out the window Leslie discovered that Jack had seen the baggage handlers loading his car seat onto the aircraft. I’m still not certain why he has such an emotional attachment to his car seat, but we were able to eventually get him calmed down by assuring him that his car seat was coming on the trip with us.

Side note: If you have no desire to hear me get on my soap box concerning security issues and the TSA please skip the next two paragraphs. It is no secret that I do not hold the TSA in very high regard; I have bumped up against the ridiculous TSA “security” policies a number of times, I’ve had confiscated everything from peanut butter, maple syrup, a 1.5” file on a pair of nail clippers, and a socket wrench that was 0.5” too long (but which had previously made it through other TSA checkpoints). Our encounter with TSA on Monday epitomized the lip service TSA officials are forced to pay in effort to comply with policies that have little to do with actual security. The diaper bag had a number of items in it which are not normally allowed past security, but for families travelling with small children, exceptions are made. Large quantities of unlabeled liquids (juice), strange white powders (formula), and questionable pouches of gel-like substances (yogurt and applesauce) are all granted temporary exceptions. Only one restriction is placed upon those desiring to carry such items through security (outside the obvious one of having children actually travelling with you), this restriction is that one member of the party has to go through a pat down search. Since Leslie is normally the one carrying the diaper bag she is typically the one that endures this screening. This time was a little different. I had already made my way through security and was waiting on the other side with the kids and our baggage. The gentleman running the security station told Leslie that they were short of female staffers and she was going to have to wait a while until one was freed up so she could be searched. He mentioned that I could come back into the security area and undergo an enhanced pat down while Leslie went and sat with the kids. Of course this is exactly what we did, but I vocally protested the how ridiculous the policy was. The gentleman performing the pat down was perfectly polite and happened to agree with me.

Clearly the personnel running security were not concerned that Leslie, myself, or our children were trying to sneak contraband through security (otherwise we would have all had to undergo pat downs), but the fact that they were still forced to abide by policies that give them no ability to make any kind of judgment calls is preposterous, useless, and an absolute disgrace to an agency that has suffered more than its fair share of disgraces (even considering it is a government agency). I probably ought to be a little more careful, otherwise I might find myself on the no-fly list. Ok, diatribe over.

For those of you that are curious, yes I have already seen “The Force Awakens.” No, I was not there on opening night, but I did see it on the first showing on opening day. And no, I did not show up in costume, although I do have one that would have worked really well. Unfortunately I find myself on the cusp of an awkward time in my life; a time where I now have children and no longer have the freedom to spend late nights out on the town watching movies with my fellow nerd-kind, at the same time, neither one of my children are old enough to fully appreciate the Star Wars movies nor to drag along to a late night premier of the next movie in said series. Oh well, I doubt Jack will be old enough by the time Episode VIII comes out either, guess that means I will be looking forward to the release of Episode IX in the meantime.


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