Divine Appointment

Whew, what an interesting and long week and at times, frustrating week. Monday I flew to Cleveland via Detroit after work. As I sat on the plane as everyone else boarded a little girl caught my eye. “I know her,” I thought. Sure enough, she was immediately followed by her dad, a guy I used to work with (in Schenectady). I found out they were flying to Tampa and we decided to catch up during our layovers in Detroit. After the flight I waited around at the gate for them to see where and when their connecting flight was. As it turns out they did not have a whole lot of time so we traversed the terminal from gate A63 down to A18. For those of you who have flown through Detroit you know that was not a short walk. Along the way they grabbed some dinner and I escorted them to their gate talking with my buddy as we went.

After they boarded I asked around to find out if there was a Chickfila in the airport. As it turns out, there was, but it was all the way back by the gate I came in at. Nevertheless, I was determined to quench my Chickfila cravings. I was not running late exactly, but I did not have a lot of time to spare so I hustled back and grabbed some dinner. From there I made the trek all the way over to B11 where I arrived at the gate just in time to discover my flight had been delayed. No problem, I decided to sit down and finish my meal in peace. It was at this point that I opened my bag and realized I had left my Kindle on my previous flight.

Frantic, I rushed over to the desk and asked the agent to call my arrival gate; she did and no one answered. She told me, “Your flight is delayed so you have time to go back to your gate, if there isn’t anyone there and the aircraft is still there, ask one of the other gate agents, they should be able to get back on the plane and retrieve your Kindle. At this point I sprinted back to my original gate… ok, I did not sprint the whole way, it was a really long way back to my gate and I’ve never really been in great running shape.

Out of breath, I arrived at the gate only to discover that the airplane was merrily on its way to Green Bay. Dejected I made the trek back to my departure gate. Once I arrived I discovered that my flight had been delayed again and was possibly going to be canceled. Wonderful. After about another 45 minutes of delay they announced they had found another aircraft (oh look, there one is, it was parked behind that tree the whole time!) and our flight would now be departing from gate A23. Exhausted, I made my final trip back to the A terminal where I finally made it out of that purgatory called Detroit. If my phone is anywhere close to accurate my trip total to and from all those gates wound up being over 6 miles of walking, in dress shoes and carrying my luggage. Fortunately my flight back to Albany was much less eventful, perhaps even dull because at this point I was sans Kindle. As you can imagine, it was with great trepidation that I was connecting through Detroit on my flight to Raleigh on Friday.

After I landed in Detroit for the second time this week I got a phone call from a buddy of mine. We were talking about a number of things and I jokingly referred to the great wisdom I had to bestow on all those around me. Keeping the joke going my buddy took it one step further and made the comment that they would be calling me up to first class to share my wisdom with all those in the premium cabin. As we closed out our conversation with prayer my name was called out over the PA. As it turns out I had been upgraded to first class. If that wasn’t a challenge/calling to share the gospel with my seat mate I don’t know what else could have been. So all the way from Detroit to Raleigh I spoke with a gentleman named Jeff. I did not get a chance to make a full gospel presentation but I did have the opportunity to share with him what my relationship with Christ was like.IMG_4113

Last week while Leslie was out shopping with Jack he happened to be riding in the cart. This was a little bit abnormal since he usually prefers to be out and walking/running about. Shopping with Jack is always an entertaining prospect as he loves to run around the store and while he does not usually pay attention to where he is going he is always very polite about it, often yelling “Oh, sorry!” as he comes screeching to a stop right in front of people or their carts. This particular trip was no different even though he did not have the freedom to run around careening down the aisles. As Leslie pulled up alongside the checkout line Jack got this curious look on his face. Leslie turned away to talk to the cashier and Jack took the opportunity to leap onto the moving belt, lay down on his belly, all the while shouting, “Ride! Ride!” It was made all the more hysterical by the mortified looks the two older ladies next to the register shared with each other.


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