Indoor Volleyball… Sort Of

I think I may have jinxed our chances of seeing any snow this year. Either that or it is going to snow tomorrow. As you are probably aware I spent the beginning part of this year and the end of last year shoveling foot after foot of snow off of my driveway. It did not even take me one season to determine that shoveling snow is for the birds. I waited until snow blowers went on sale this year and bought a fairly heavy duty one. Of course, we have yet to see any accumulation whatsoever this year… we haven’t even seen what would qualify as a dusting. What’s worse (depending on how you look at it) is that it is supposed to be in the 50’s this week and will probably be so until after we leave to go see family for Christmas. With that in mind I went ahead and added fuel stabilizer to my snow blower gas tank as I was winterizing all of my gas powered lawn instruments. Which brings me back to my original point, I’ve either jinxed us by buying a snow blower and we aren’t going to see any snow this winter or by adding fuel stabilizer to the gas tank I have ensured that it will snow 3’ tomorrow morning… and probably again on June 6th.

I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express during my visit to Durham last week. I like the Holiday Inn there, I’ve always gotten great customer service and it’s a nice hotel that has been renovated sometime in the past 4 years. This time there was something a little different about my room, it was almost like they were trying to cross the barrier from a 3 star hotel to a 4 start. When I walked into my room I discovered that they had placed mints on my pillow. It was a kind but ultimately pathetic gesture. Thank you Holiday Inn, you get an ‘A’ for the thought but your execution is a bit flawed, I am certain that when someone talks about leaving a mint on the pillow this is not the kind of mint they are talking about. Perhaps your money would be better spent on an extra ply or two on the toilet paper, do that and I might consider granting you another half star.IMG_4084

We have lived in our current home for more than a year now and this probably now qualifies Schenectady, NY as the place we have lived the longest without moving, at least during our married lives. There have been a lot of things that have been different about this move, the primary one being its sense of permanency; but what has been interesting is how quickly it has gone by and how impermanent it still feels. I cannot tell you whether this is a good or bad thing merely that there is still a feeling of transience to the whole situation. One of the other things that has been markedly different is our decision to restrict our usage of electronic media, primarily television (we’re still working on the phones). The decision to ditch the TV, or at least the satellite, has limited our screen time to about one movie a week as a family; Leslie will let Jack watch Curious George or something similar once or twice a week during the day. This means we have had to find other ways to fill our time and it has required us to get a little creative. Our decision to play ball in the house was a direct result of this decision, and probably proof that I never really grew up. Let me clarify, by playing ball in the house I mean Leslie and I will sit on opposite ends of the living room and hit a large (i.e. approximately 2’ in diameter) at each other with reckless abandon. Our games get a little wild as we try to see how many hits we can get back and forth without the ball touching the ground; all surfaces (except the ground) are in play, including, but not limited to toys, the mantle, and our children’s heads. It’s not that we don’t have anything in the living room (or surrounding areas) that is breakable, we do; everything from pictures on the wall, the TV precariously balanced on the mantle, my diploma frame in the hallway. We’ve simply taken the attitude that “it’s only money, no use in having it if you don’t spend it on replacing items you’ve broken while bouncing a big blue ball around the house.” These games could get really interesting when the kids get old enough to join in.


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