When You’re Here, You’re Family

This past week I spent a significant portion of my time on the phone with various customers and vendors. During this time I learned several things about my family, myself, and how I conduct business.

  1. It would appear that the most simple and straightforward way to get my business is to set your hold music as the theme song to “the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.” Hello Abraxas Energy, it would appear that we will have a long and prosperous future together.
  2. Leslie does not appreciate the fact that when I give my name over the phone I say “that is Filippo, F-I-L-I-P-P-O, and that is P as in pterodactyl.” She paid no mind to the fact that the guy on the phone never skipped a beat; he spelled it back to me correctly.
  3. In reference to item number two, neither is Leslie a fan when I use the reference “P as in phone.”
  4. Some companies are big enough that when I call a phone number I got online I am genuinely surprised when I actually get a human being to answer… surprised enough that I have trouble actually believing I am talking to a real human and I have to stop myself from taking the first few steps in initiating the Turing test.

While talking to my father about recent events in our foster care process the concept of physical discipline came up. Nonchalantly and [I hope] unintentionally he made the following statement, “Capital punishment is Scriptural.” Yes dad, yes it is, but that seems a little excessive to me. I’m fairly confident that if capital punishment were to be [legally] administered to children that most of us would never have survived until adulthood. Corporal punishment on the other hand is, in my humble opinion, perfectly reasonable alternative for children.

Monday and Tuesday I was in a town just north of Boston visiting a site while one of my subcontractors performed some work for a geotechnical survey. Since I was staying overnight on Monday I decided to see what good food the city of Boston had to offer, particularly since the standard fare in Albany is nothing to write home about. It was in my quest for a decent meal that, aside from my family’s penchant for olive oil, it would also appear that we also own an Italian restaurant just a few blocks from the MIT campus that serves some pretty amazing Italian food. All I could think as I walked in was, “Because when you’re here, you’re family… in my case, perhaps literally.”IMG_4015 12190123_10101502054856949_601213507628198115_n

Of course, my visit to Filippo’s was merely the pinnacle of a culinary crusade that began with a visit to a mom and pop donut shop located right across the street from my site and came to a fitting conclusion with an appointment at the Chick Fila in Springfield on the way home. I consider myself fortunate that the food was so good on this trip because the rest of the trip was a disaster and I would hate to think that my time there was completely wasted.

It was while I was in Boston that I learned that striking oil when digging a hole in the ground is not always a good thing… particularly when this hole is being dug on an industrial and manufacturing property that has been active for over 100 years and the source of this oil is not, in fact, crude springing from the depths of the earth but rather a filmy skim that covers the top layer of the water table that finds its origins from the thousands of gallons of oil, gasoline, and grease that was just dumped into the ground and drains for years prior to the discovery that, “hey, this stuff probably isn’t good for the environment,” and the creation of a little government program we now call the Environmental Protection Agency. So yea… you shouldn’t start calling me Jed Clampett just yet.

While I was gone Leslie texted me the picture below with the following story. I put him down for a nap but he kept getting out of bed and playing with his toys. After going into his room a number of times and putting him back into his bed I finally told him that if he didn’t stay in his bed he was going to get in big trouble. After about ten minutes I could hear him straining against something but it did not sound like he was out of bed; curious I checked the webcam, this is what I found. He spent another 15 minutes in this position trying to reach one of his toys or books… poor kid; his arms aren’t quite as long as his brain is clever. You have to give him credit, he didn’t get out of bed.IMG_4020


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