We spent the past week on vacation in Colorado celebrating my grandparent’s 50th wedding anniversary. A good time was had by all enjoying the crisp fall weather, fishing, riding ATV’s, and eating bacon for breakfast every single morning… seriously, I might have eaten 27 pounds of bacon this week. As Leslie and I were lying in bed this evening it occurred to me that between the two of us we have three sets of grandparents who have celebrated 50 years of marriage; it would likely be four, but Leslie’s grandmother passed away in 2002. That is over 200 years of collective marital experience, not to mention another 60 between both sets of parents. In a time where that kind of commitment is considered a relic of a bygone era that is pretty impressive; it also represents a high standard to which Leslie and I have to aim. Congratulations Griffin grandparents, you “youngsters” have joined the ranks with the Filippo and Hughett grands. The fact that this is the grandmother that has somewhat recently fractured her wrist while riding an ATV is a testament to that youth. While many grandparents frantically paw at their life alerts because they have fallen and can’t get up, you have elected to not spare your hips as you traverse the countryside utilizing roadways not built for a Cadillac, or most other cars for that matter.IMG_3959

Jack caught his first fish this week. It was an amusing experience as he enjoyed the time spent practicing casting his rod and reeling it back in with my dad far more than he did the actual fishing experience. While we were very fortunate that the fish were biting Jack did not know quite what to think about trying to cast his line out into the water, and once a fish was actually on the line? It was like all his time training went out the window. To be fair, the coordinated muscle movement required to reel in a line for any sustained distance is probably beyond that of most two year old, but still… And once they actually got the fish to the bank? You couldn’t get Jack anywhere near it, all that wiggling and flopping about really disturbed him, I don’t think he was too keen on my constant suggestions that he kiss the fish either.IMG_3962

While we spent our week in a cabin in the mountains of San Isabel national forest, this, like most good things, had to come to an end. Since our flight back to NY was out of Denver on Sunday morning we elected to drive back to Denver on Saturday and stay the night in a hotel. Of course this means that we are now all sleeping in the same room, a fact that made bedtime for the kids particularly interesting. I elected to go the route of a two queen bed room vs. trying to have all of us share a king bed (Ayla is in a borrowed crib). Due to a number of factors Ayla was particularly troublesome to get down, but despite nearly 20 minutes of shrieking cries, Jack patiently lay in his bed as Leslie and I tried to soothe her. We finally got Ayla asleep; I stacked a few pillows around Jack to keep him falling off the bed, kissed him goodnight, and then crawled into the other bed with Leslie. We lay there for a while trying to determine just exactly what we wanted to do as neither one of us was tired yet talking (and pretty much anything else) was out of the question as it would keep Jack up. As it turns out, it didn’t really matter, there was just enough light being admitted from my laptop charger that I could make out Jack’s face as he would pop his head over the pillow wall every five minutes or so and just stare at us for a bit before slamming his head back against his pillow. The effect was quite comical and I had to elbow Leslie a couple of times as her barely concealed snickers threatened to come to his attention. Granted, it was my own snicker that got his attention when at one point he popped up over the pillow wall, looked me dead in the eye, and said, “sup?”

Well, Jack has finally fallen asleep and I have a relatively early morning ahead of me (we have to leave the hotel before they start serving breakfast, that should qualify as early in anyone’s book) so I am going to wrap things up… you know, instead of just ending things abruptly like I have the tendency of doing.


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