Parent of the Year Part II

This past week I ended up traveling to Lynn, MA to visit with the Building Department and the facility where we are looking at building a project. My trip there had me driving through Boston late at night on September 29th. Unfortunately this now means that I can no longer be a pirate who does not do anything seeing as I have now been to Boston in the fall.

Twice now in the past few days I probably should have been up for a Parent of the Year nomination. Thursday evening I was telling Jack a bedtime story, a somewhat irregular event for me since I typically will just read him a story from a book of his choice. Anyway, for whatever reason I decided to tell him a story on this particular evening. After a few moments I finally settled on the “Three Little Pigs.” I did not get too far into the story before I realized that I did not quite remember exactly how the story went, I knew the general premise of the story but a number of the details were pretty fuzzy so I started making them up. And this folks, is how I wound up telling the Filippo version of the “Three Little Pigs,” a version that involved bacon on two separate occasions and a wolf who huffed and puffed too much and wound up exploding and covering an entire acre in wolf guts.

Saturday morning we got up early to leave for Colorado where we are spending next week with my parents and grandparents for another family vacation. I could really get used to this week long vacation every month and a half thing. Anyway, the previous evening I had made the executive decision to leave behind the Pak ‘n’ Play because I was not certain if the airline considered it a free bag and I was not entirely certain it would fit in the trunk of our rental car with all of our other baggage. With a five bedroom house that sleeps approximately 273 people I figured it shouldn’t be too difficult to find some kind of sleeping accommodation for our nine month old daughter. It turns out this was not an entirely accurate assumption… Ayla is now sleeping in a bathtub lined with pillows and blankets. We’re not going to say anything about the other child who is currently being housed in a closet underneath the stairs.

I am truly amazed at how intelligent my son is sometimes. The art of redirection is something that most people use on their children quite frequently, “oh, you’re crying because daddy threw a ball and hit you in the face? Look, here’s a sucker.” I don’t know that I have ever seen a two year old try and use it on an adult. My dad was playing a type of keep away with Jack using a pair of Jack’s socks. While sitting on the couch, my father would hide the socks for a bit and then eventually place them up on his shoulder, Jack would then try to grab the socks and my dad would shoo away his hands. Suddenly Jack stopped playing and looked up at the ceiling. Curious, my dad looked up and asked, “What are you looking at?” Jack then pointed at the light and said “light.” While my dad was looking at the light Jack quickly turned back to him and grabbed the socks off his shoulder.

One does not truly understand travelling heavily loaded until you have traveled to another state with two small children and the assortment of associated baggage including, but not limited to, a stroller, two car seats, a large roller bag, a small roller bag, a diaper bag, the two small children themselves, and a wide variety of carry-ons. It was a painful process making it from the baggage claim at Denver International Airport all the way to the shuttle for the rental car facility. It was made even more painful by my refusal to pay $5 for a baggage cart to walk a grand total of maybe 400 yards. It would appear that my penchant for pinching pennies flows out of my professional life and into my personal one.

I apologize for the lack of pictures this week, I’ve got a slow internet connection that I am trying to post this on and nothing is coming through. I’ll try and double down next week… although, possibly not since I will likely still be operating off of the same internet connection.


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