Irreversable Bonding, and No I Am Not Talking About Super Glue

It has been an extremely busy week, much as one would imagine for having spent it celebrating our ten year wedding anniversary on a cruise to the Bahamas (sans children) with a couple that Leslie and I knew from Atlanta. No, we haven’t hit our anniversary as of yet this year, but I would imagine trying to plan some sort of vacation (away from the kids) in the weeks leading up to Christmas and Ayla’s first birthday would tend to get a little difficult so we decided to accelerate our schedule just a little bit.

Last Friday I flew down and joined the rest of my family in Atlanta where I spent the weekend enjoying the company of my wife and children as well as preparing for our cruise. Sunday, after visiting our old church, we went back to my mom and dad’s place and put the kids down for a nap. I still needed a swimsuit so my sister and I headed off to the store. It would appear that both Target and Walmart stop selling swimsuits for large-waisted individuals sometime before the last week of August; after having visited four different stores I finally settled on a pair of athletic shorts.

Since we were scheduled to leave early Monday morning, we had decided to stay the night with this other couple that way we could just get up and go the next morning without having to get up at some obscene hour of the morning. After putting the kids to bed, Leslie and I found out that the other couple was in the area dropping off their own children so we were able to catch a ride back to their home with them. As soon as we got into their home they immediately went upstairs to prepare the guest bedroom for us; I walked into the living room to have a seat on the couch. As I walked in I was a little startled to see a small black snake (about eight inches) slithering across the floor towards the couch. Quickly I reached down and tried to grab it only to have it elude my grasp and squeeze under the couch.

Not knowing Leslie’s friend’s feelings towards creatures of the sub-order serpentes, I went upstairs and quietly pulled the husband to the side and describe the situation. We went back downstairs and began the search for the snake. It wasn’t too long before we got the couch propped up and shined a flashlight underneath. When we did we discovered that the snake I originally thought had been entirely black in color was, in fact, not. It actually very closely resembled the coloring of a copperhead. We spent another 20 minutes before we were finally able to capture the elusive snake and being uncertain of the exact species (the coloring was that of a copperhead, but the head shape wasn’t quite right, it could have just been because it was so small) we elected to kill it. I suppose there are very few bonding experiences quite like trying to capture a potentially venomous snake, in your home, late at night, right before you go on vacation.IMG_3847

This week has been the first time that Leslie has been away from either of our kids for more than a day, much less both of them. While we have both missed our children, I will say that this is the way to be away. At one point I even went the large part of a day forgetting that I even had children or at least coming as close to that concept as one possibly can. The weather was not great (we only had one day of sunshine) but overall we had a great time relaxing and just spending time with each other. There is something to be said about days when the most important decision you have to make is whether or not you should eat another ice cream cone… the answer is yes, the answer is always yes.IMG_3823

Despite the poor weather we still had a lot of fun; we have a certain level of compatibility with this couple. Let’s just say that if we had played nearly as much cards or attended nearly as many trivia events with any other couple we would have likely walked away not wanting to spend any more time with for the next 28 years. That said, we did other things together as well, like eating ice cream and playing shuffleboard. Friday morning I woke up and my rear end and my arms were very sore. Puzzled as to the reason why I made passing mention of this to my male counterpart; equally as puzzled he made note that he was also sore in the same areas. It was at this point we realized we were sore from playing shuffleboard the previous day… that’s right ladies and gentlemen; I got muscle soreness from playing shuffleboard.

All said we had an excellent time; however, we were all ready to get back to our children by the end of the week. We got back to Atlanta around 1500 Saturday afternoon where we were enthusiastically greeted by each of our children. A nap free afternoon, a large meal at a Greek restaurant, and two children in bed by 2030 later and I am about ready to fall asleep standing up. With that I bid adieu.


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