Turn to the Dork Side

Sheesh, last week wrapped up my third consecutive week of travel, by the time I got home late Friday night I was exhausted and completely spent for the weekend, despite the fact that I still wound up going in to work late one night just to get caught up on some things I wasn’t able to do while I was in North Carolina. It was nice to finally have an entire week where I did not go anywhere, not even locally. It was also nice because I got to start (and finish) another project. Although I will say this, I am more than a little frustrated with the levelness of the floors in my house, about half of the furniture in my house doesn’t sit straight on one leg… and before you ask, yes, I know the stuff I built is straight… I think.IMG_3762

A few weeks ago my mother responded to a comment that I had made in one of my newsletters that certain thoughts I was having and actions I was considering were a sign of maturity; don’t get too excited the instance in particular that she was referencing dealt with Chickfila and ice cream. Anyway, it got me thinking, so in my efforts to prove her wrong I went out and pre-ordered a Nerf gun on Amazon. That’s right; I went and spent money on a Nerf gun that had not even been released at that time. That particular weapon came in early this week and I have two words, it’s awesome.

Unlike the typical darts that are fired from your average Nerf gun this weapon of childhood destruction shoots little foam balls roughly the size of a paintball. In fact, I would say that this particular series is Nerf’s attempt to create a hybrid between paintball and Nerf. The box claims that the little foam ball can leave the barrel at speeds of 100 MPH. No that wasn’t a typo, it is supposed to shoot around 100 miles per hour. After having played with it for a couple of days I would say that I am inclined to believe their claims. Keeping in mind that this is a little foam ball that quickly begins losing speed even before it leaves the barrel, it packs quite a punch, although not quite as bad as you are probably picturing one object striking another object at 100MPH would be. The balls sting but they don’t leave welts. If you look closely at the picture you will notice a little orange button just above the trigger. That’s right ladies and gentlemen; this Nerf gun has a safety. Only dangerous things have safeties.

I posted a picture of my order when I initially placed it and the parents of one of my students decided that it would be beneficial to ensure their child was adequately equipped for our next Nerf battle at the church, they ended up buying three of them. This week will be the first true battle, unrestricted Nerf warfare at its finest… I told our pastor that I’m pretty certain someone is going to die. He was on board.IMG_3756

This past week I introduced Leslie to a card game, one that threw me back to my high school and college days, if not exactly the same one we used to play, at least the same in function. Now, when I say card game, understand that I am not talking about a deck of 52 cards made by Bicycle, no, I am referring to a deck of 400+ cards with witches, moats, militia, estates, silver, gold, and so much more. That’s right; I have officially turned Leslie to the Dork Side. This is all part of my master plan to ensure that she is onboard with spending our 10th wedding anniversary doing what any other self-respecting Star Wars fan will be doing on December 18th, going out and watching the release of Episode VII.

This time next week I will have either posted a newsletter describing the details of an epic Nerf battle or I will be in prison charged being the first person to have ever been charged with manslaughter with a Nerf gun… either way, it should be a good time all around.


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