On the Road Again

This week was one of the longest I have been away since Ayla was born; it was only five days, however, as a mother of two without a whole lot of supporting cast nearby I am certain that it felt like close to an eternity for Leslie. It actually turned out to be a somewhat enjoyable as it looks like I am finally close to finishing up a project that should have been finished up over seven months ago. Well, that and the fact that I was travelling alone so I was able to hit Chickfila for at least one meal a day. It is worth noting that I nearly had a heart attack when I visited my favorite North Carolinian ice cream joint on Monday. No, it was not because I was on my 37th ice cream cone of the day, it was because when I walked up to the door I was greeted with a whole new sign; my heart started skipping beats when I crossed the threshold and discovered new décor, a new name, and a somewhat redesigned ice cream bar. It did not help that I didn’t recognize any of the employees either, that in and of itself would not have been worth mention as the typical employee at this place is your average high school student whose job stability leaves something to be desired, but when combined with all the other changes assaulting my senses it increased the level of trepidation I was experiencing. Fortunately I did not make it that far into the store before I saw the same comforting selection of flavors and my mind was finally put at ease when a familiar face walked out from the back and greeted me with a “Hey Two Shakes (if you need a lesson on why they call me Two Shakes check out the FRISSSICC tab), it’s been a couple of weeks.” As it turns out, the place had amicably split off from its parent franchise, undergoing changes to the décor, and most importantly, the name.IMG_3736

While I was gone Leslie was tasked with completing the painting on the various woodwork items I have crafted for inside the house. Sunday morning we were running early (largely due to the fact that each of our children woke up an hour earlier than they usually do) so I went out to the garage to grab my drill and a few screws to mount the picture ledges Leslie had painted during my absence. Between marking the walls, leveling, putting in drywall anchors, and then screwing in the screws it all took about 20 minutes. Shortly after I completed that task we packed the kids up and went to church. As soon as we got home from church Jack ran into the house and grabbed his toy drill. I walked into the living room and was greeted with the image you see below. That object you see just above where he is working is one of the picture ledges I installed.IMG_3751

Seeing as it is 2100 two days after my self-imposed deadline I’m going to go ahead and wrap things up, I’ve got an impending bedtime and new book that is calling my name.


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