Living Life on the Edge

Well, while nearly everyone else was celebrating their 4th of July by eating hotdogs, hamburgers, and other delicious, grill related foodstuffs I spent mine attempting to live through one of the worst bouts with a fever that I have had in my entire life. I worked Saturday morning supervising the outage at one of my project sites in down state New York. By the time I got home early in the afternoon my level of usefulness about the house had severely declined, enough so that I called and canceled with the people we had intended to spend the evening with. It went even further downhill from there, at an exponential rate. By 2000 that evening I was relegated to a spot in my bed where I alternated between soaking the sheets in sweat and shivering so violently that I was surprised to discover I still had teeth left to chatter with. Fortunately, it seemed to be just a 24 hour thing, by the time I woke up Sunday morning I was feeling much better, not 100% but well enough to get up and start doing things. It was such a huge relief to be able to walk around with hobbling because of body aches or running from place to place to avoid the chills, or at least attempting to.

After several weekends of work combined with an impressive mastery of carpentry, brute strength, and some good ole engineering know how I finally finished my pergola this past week. I know it has been over six weeks since I originally said I was going to work on it, but in my defense, it took more than three of those weeks just to get my wood delivered. Of course, it took another week and a half to get my post anchors delivered seeing as I was unwilling to pay $20 apiece for them at Lowes… They’re post anchors for crying out loud, folded sheets of steel with pre drilled holes, it’s not like they are gold plated. Anyway, it is all said and done now; I can use a weekend to take a deep breath before I start my next project.IMG_3657

We were also able to put the finishing touches on my Father’s Day gift, more specifically, the Father’s Day gift to me from my children (i.e. Leslie). We printed our family mission statement up in a fancy script on some nice paper, signed it, sealed it, framed it, and then hung it in our entryway. I was very pleased with the final outcome. It ended up looking a lot nicer than even I had imagined it would. For those of you interested in the full text (without having to zoom in or squint) you can find it here: Having finally taken the time to start hanging pictures around the home it is nice to see things starting to come together in a way that we never could get them to in a camper. Just trust me when I say it is a bad idea to try and hang pictures on the walls of a camper, assuming you can even find the space to do so in the first place.IMG_3659

Speaking of the camper, we were finally able to sell our trailer this week, today actually. It has been nearly a year since we first started trying to sell it. I will not speculate on why it has taken this long to sell, or just exactly what God had in mind, but it is a huge relief to have finally unloaded the last major piece of our old life. It perhaps represents the last significant milestone in being able to fully embrace the new stage in life that we have chosen to pursue. I will say this, it is going to be different and perhaps even a little difficult to go back to tent camping. Maybe not too difficult though since Leslie is insisting that we get a deluxe tent, one capable of sleeping half the population of South Africa in addition to containing a pop-out refrigerator and air conditioning… On second thought, maybe I should not have sold the camper.

Well I’m off to go celebrate selling my camper by going out and drinking copious quantities of water while making an extra house payment or three. Woohoo! Between this and leaving the house without a diaper bag I’m really living life on the edge now.


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