Ice Cream to Popsicle Conversion Ratio

This past week saw me back in Raleigh again still trying to finish up a project that should have been finished back in January. While I am anxious to complete this project, I cannot say that I have not enjoyed the extra time I have had to spend down in the area, more specifically the extra number of times I have had to visit Maggie Moo’s, also known as the greatest source of ice cream on the face of the planet. For those of you who doubt my credentials to be able to make such a qualified statement I will direct you to the FRSSSICC tab of my blog.

I’ve become such a fan of this ice cream place that I actually went on the Maggie’s diet, eat a light breakfast, two [ice cream] shakes for lunch, a large dinner, and then two more [ice cream] shakes after dinner. It worked phenomenally well; I gained 5 pounds in just a week. Needless to say, I have had ample opportunity to experiment with the variety of options I have in the shake creation process. Always top notch are the cotton candy and cool mint combination along with a separate shake involving mango sorbet, apple juice, and a fresh banana. This past week I created the single greatest shake that has ever come out of that store, it involve two scoops of root beer (ice cream) and one scoop of cool mint blended with the standard milkshake base… it was amazing. I might need to open one of these franchises in Schenectady.

There is a group that meets once a month in my office building that dubbed themselves the “Sunshine Club.” Every month when they meet the freezer in the break room gets stocked with a variety of ice cream treats and popsicles as well as a sign on the freezer that says “Ice cream is for Sunshine Club members only.” The day after they meet the sign disappears and all the leftovers become free game.   One of my coworkers and I have come to the point where we repeatedly raid that freezer until the supplies eventually dry up… until the next month that is. The past month’s meeting the ice cream must have been in popular demand because all that was left was a bunch of popsicles, a disappointing turn of events. Tuesday I had a pretty intense craving for ice cream, saddened that there was none left in the freezer I settled for a popsicle. And then another. And then another. Upon noticing the growing stack of popsicle sticks on my desk, my coworker asked how many I was up to. “Eight,” I replied, “the ice cream to popsicle conversion ratio is not a favorable one.”IMG_3651

Thursday night I decided to run a test to see how Jack would handle the whole camping experience, specifically trying to fall asleep next to someone else inside of a tent. My son has a bad habit of not being able to go to sleep when anyone else is in his company. On several occasions I have gotten up in the middle of the night to address a crying son (teething, cold, ear infection, etc…), frequently I will lay down beside him trying to soothe him and get him back to sleep. Regardless of how tired he is he will simply lay there with his eyes open just looking at me. Occasionally he will actually become alert enough he wants to play. So as you can imagine I had a little trepidation about his ability to fall asleep.

I set up the tent and laid several thick comforters over the ground to serve as padding. I didn’t want to use sleeping bags or anything thick over the top of us as I expected it to be a fairly warm evening. After finishing our nightly routine I simply rolled over and ignored my son as he talked to himself and played with the side of the tent. After a little while I told him to be still and much to my surprise and delight he fell asleep. Around midnight I noticed the temperature began to drop fairly rapidly so I snuck inside the house and grabbed a couple of blankets off the couch. By 0400 it was down to 50F outside and I was a little nervous that the thin blankets I had weren’t going to be enough to keep Jack asleep.   It was with great reluctance that I decided to call it quits and abandon ship for the night. Note to self: It is just as important to check the weather when camping in your back yard as it is when camping out in the middle of nowhere. I’m going to have to figure out where exactly I have stashed our sleeping bags.


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