Turns Out Pergola Is Not Just a Made Up Word

Well, we made it back from vacation, barely. Overall we had a very good time spent with a lot of family… seriously; we saw a lot of family while in Atlanta. Mother’s Day everyone went over to my mom and dad’s new house for lunch; we counted 21 people while we were there, parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, cousins, and cousins-in-law (if that’s even a thing) from both sides of the family. We had a very long nine days down in Atlanta (in which I only ate at Chickfila twice!), but overall it was a very enjoyable trip.

While on vacation I reiterated the fact that it would appear that I like to live life on the edge. Jack woke up early one morning, before anyone else at my in-laws house was awake, so I decided to pack him up and go have breakfast at Chickfila. Once we got there I realized that I had not brought any diapers or wipes… or any other item of baby paraphernalia, other than the actual baby, of course. I promptly then began to feed my child greasy hash browns and a box of apple juice and then proceeded to watch as he climbed all over the playground. Yep, I’m just going to cross my fingers and hope that I don’t have a Class 4 disaster on my hands in the meantime because I certainly do not have any of the requisite materials to implement Containment Level Green. On the plus side, at least it is only a rental car.

We were scheduled to fly out of Atlanta on Sunday at 1500; we left my mom and dad’s place in plenty of time and ended up getting to the gate a little more than an hour before our scheduled departure. While sitting at the gate we overheard the ticketing agent make an announcement that they were oversold and they needed three people who were willing to give up their seats and take the later flight into Albany… yada yada yada. When they announced that they were going to give out $800 travel vouchers we decided to see if we would even be eligible since we both had children sitting in our laps. Of course it wasn’t until after they had processed the paperwork and issued us new tickets on the later flight that I realized that taking the later flight would entail waiting in the terminal for another five hours… ouch. All told, what should have been a total of six hours of travel time turned into about eleven. That said, I cannot really complain, both of the kids did an awesome job, it was just exhausting.

Getting home at 2245 on a Sunday night did not really help me prepare for work early the next morning either. I went straight from vacation to a site visit that lasted until later Monday evening. As you may well know, the catch up work required when returning from vacation can be quite voluminous and being out of the office the entire day is not a good way to catch up on paperwork and email. Fortunately by the end of the day Thursday I was pretty much caught up on everything I needed to do last week, then all that was left was to catch up on everything I hadn’t done this week because I was too busy catching up on last week’s work.

When we left Albany it was in the 90’s, on Thursday of this week I had to turn on my heater because it got down to 63 in the house. Personally, I was ok with 63F, on the other hand Leslie commented on how it probably was not good that our daughter was shivering while inside the house. I was even more surprised that it is calling for the temperatures to get as low as 36F tonight. Somehow it would not entirely surprise me if we wound up getting snow on Memorial Day.

Speaking of Memorial Day, I have decided to spend my three day weekend putting my handyman skills to work again in the form of a fire pit and, if I can find a trailer to haul the wood home in, a pergola. For those of you who don’t know what a pergola is, it is a contraption that seems to serve absolutely zero functional purpose and merely exists for aesthetic reasons. Picture a gazebo type structure with no roof, or at least with a “roof” that has absolutely no chance of keeping any of the elements off of you. Nevertheless, my wife wants a pergola and I want to feel productive this weekend so she’s getting a pergola. The plus side is that this would seem the perfect excuse to buy a couple more tools, woohoo!


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