An Almost Normal Week

Well, vacation starts in roughly 18 hours; I can pretty much guarantee that if I don’t finish this by 2200 tonight this week’s newsletter won’t happen at all.   To be fair, next week’s might not happen at all. So between now and 2200 I will fill the pages with comments on how I actually had to work this week, for the first time in about 14 years I had to mow a lawn… *shudder* It makes me begin to wonder just why exactly one even has a lawn to begin with. Why can’t I just cover my entire yard in two or three inches of pea gravel?

After flying across the country and spending four days on top of a roof this week seemed pretty tame in comparison. I did not even have to make any day trips to any of our somewhat local sites, a couple of which I am picking up since the recent hire of another project manager who will be primarily focused on the West Coast. Between contract revisions (shouldn’t we be paying a lawyer to do this) and meeting after meeting it almost seemed down right normal, just in time to pack everything up and travel to Atlanta for a vacation.

Its 2230, well past the witching hour. I am packed and exhausted. I keep telling Leslie that we don’t need to get up until 0500 for our 0600 flight but she insists that we leave much earlier, something to do with children slowing down the process. I tried to get this written earlier today, I really did, but alas it seems my failure is nearly complete… only nearly mind you since I did get something written and published. Oh look, a cute picture of one of my children, be distracted.



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