Jesus Might Have Been a Carpenter, But I Am Not

I decided to try my hand at a little bit of carpentry this weekend. Aside from some mental swearing and a few splinters I think things turned out reasonably well; especially considering I am a subscriber of the measure once, cut once philosophy. I actually made two chairs, but the second one was not quite completed when I took the photo. Upon completion I reaffirmed that carpentry looks much better unpainted… or at least it does if I am the one required to do the painting. I also made a couple of bookshelves that mount on the wall, but those were easy enough to make that I’m fairly confident Jack could have done it if I would let him operate the table saw.Table

Since I am going to be in California most of next week I gave Leslie a night out with a couple of her friends minus any children. While she was out Jack, Ayla, and I decided to go to Lowes (again) and then to Stewart’s to grab some ice cream… Ok, to be fair, I made the decision to go to these places based on my own needs and preferences but I did not get any complaints from the peanut gallery (see, that’s funny because at least one of the occupants of said gallery is nicknamed ‘peanut’). Jack decided that, while he really likes ice cream, he would like it a lot more if it wasn’t so cold. Despite the faces he was making he kept “mmmming” and coming back for more so it couldn’t have been too bad.Face 1 Face 2

Of course the drawback is that now for the past couple of months I have been paying hospital bills for two children. I caught myself thinking, “Bills, bills, bills; all I ever get is bills,” the other day as I was getting the mail. If you ever really want to know what it feels like to only ever receive bills in the mail try having two children with separate hospital visits in addition to a wife with three visits of her own. Sheesh, these guys are going to break the bank! Anyone want to buy a fifth wheel camper, I’ve got one I’ll sell you, cheap! I’m also willing to rent you the basement of my house, it’s not finished but it will keep the rain off your head… assuming it doesn’t rain too much and start coming up through the floor.

Well, it only took 18 months but we have received the final bill for Jack’s delivery. You read that correctly, and no, it was not a typo, we just received Jack’s final hospital bill. Who would have thought that I would have a second child who was already four months old by the time I received the last bill for my first child’s birth. I will say this; our (old since we had to change providers when we moved to NY) insurance carrier was an absolute rock star when it came to dealing with our claims. Rarely did we have to deal with the carrier or the doctor’s office concerning our outstanding bill, they took care of everything behind the scenes. Should we ever move to another state where Aetna is a provider we will definitely be switching back.

Last Sunday I had to call our pastor and let him know that we had finally drawn first blood during the youth service… not so much during the service, per se, but afterwards when the kids were tossing a football around in the parking lot. One of the students tripped and got a pretty nasty road rash, serious enough that I took him in and applied some Neosporin and a few Band-Aids, although not serious enough to keep him from going back out and playing afterwards. I told him to tell his mom to give me a call if she had any concerns. Since our pastor was out on vacation I didn’t want him getting blindsided by a potentially upset parental phone call, hence my own call. *Sigh* I’ve only been formally teaching for about two months now and I’m already having to make these types of calls, given my track record this does not bode well. Oh well, I least I haven’t been blamed for nearly burning down the church… yet. Next week’s lesson is about Moses and the burning bush and it involves a demonstration.


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