Deep Fried Chicken

I had a surprise, day long visit to Raleigh this week, Friday to be more specific. It’s probably the only day trip I have ever flown on; it was actually kind of nice… you know, if one ignores the fact that I will have spent almost three times as long traveling as I did at my destination. The whole not traveling with any bags other than my backpack was awesome. My flight out of Albany this morning was at 0600, I set my wakeup alarm for 0500. My goal was to roll into the airport, go through security, and walk straight to my gate and be the last one on the aircraft. Unfortunately I wound up being about 10 minutes early and caught them still in the middle of the boarding process.

It turns out the aircraft was oversold, fortunately I already had my seat assignment, but once they began offering travel vouchers I decided to offer up my seat, especially since I knew there was a different flight going through Detroit (rather than Atlanta) that left at the same time and got to my destination only 30 minutes later. I told the guy at the desk that if he could get me on the flight to Detroit and the connecting flight to Raleigh I would be happy to give my seat up. At first he didn’t seem to know what I was talking about and told me he could get me into Minneapolis. I told him as long as I got into Raleigh by noon that would be perfectly fine. When I said that he replied, “Oh, that will never happen, thanks for offering.” About two minutes later he said, we working on getting you onto the flight to Detroit. I was actually pleased at how things were turning out; I was getting ready to get a free travel voucher with only a 30 minute impact to my overall travel. After about 10 minutes of frantic hammering on his keyboard and rushing back and forth across the terminal to the gate the Detroit flight was leaving from he finally told me I could go ahead and board my original flight as the flight to Detroit had already left. Oh well, it was worth a shot.

My brief trip down to the south reminded me how big of a difference there was between at 75F degree day in the south and a 72F degree day in upstate New York. It is so stinking humid down here! What the heck, I was sweating just walking around outside; it’s only 75F degrees outside! Albany may not have Chickfila, Zaxby’s, or Bojangles but at least I can breathe up there. Sheesh. On a side note, as I was pondering the complete lack of quality fast food restaurants (there may be those of you who think those terms should be mutually exclusive, trust me, until you’ve tried to eat at a McDonald’s in the north you have no idea what poor quality fast food means) I was struck by the commonality of the three restaurants I mentioned earlier. If the south does one thing really well it is deep fried chicken.

This past week has really been the first full week where springtime-like weather has been in full effect. There was only one morning where I was forced to wear a jacket out of the house early in the morning. It has been quite wonderful. Between getting my garage cleaned out on Sunday (finally!) and rewiring my garage door on Thursday night it has been a great week. I would have finished my garage door rewiring project on Wednesday but I had a minor incident which has been fairly typical of my home repairs. I was forced to string new wire to my garage door sensors because I had a short in the wire somewhere that was causing intermittent power issues to the sensors. The issue seemed to be temperature dependent (the door worked fine when it was cold outside but whenever the temperatures warmed up it wouldn’t work anymore) so I suspected that a careless contractor had driven a nail or staple through one of the wires causing a periodic short depending on how much the garage had expanded or contracted based on the exterior temperature.

As I was stringing the new wire and stapling it to the ceiling what did I end up doing after installing only 6’ of wire? I put a staple right through my wire. Frustrated I pulled the staple out, cut the wire, and started back at the beginning. I ran the wire to the first sensor with no issues, as I came to the second wire I realized that I was going to be about 3’ short… Seriously? Why did I figure it would be a good idea to be that frugal in my wire estimates? Oh well, a visit to Lowe’s and about 15 more minutes work in the garage solved that issue and I now have a fully functional garage door and a garage that is clean enough I can park in.

Many of you have been begging for the next Filippo original, without further ado I present to you “Nerf Wars: Episode I.” And before anyone asks, yes I had permission to fly the drone in the church, in fact this video was especially commissioned for the big cheese himself… no, not God, the senior pastor. Although, one might argue that the knack I have shown with video editing was a commissioning of sorts.


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