That’s a Y for Yeti and Yammering Yak

I went down to Tampa for a couple of days this week and while the weather has been nice in upstate New York the past week or two, I have to admit, it was nice to experience a couple of days where the lows were in the 70’s. Actually, Wednesday it got up over 90F and it was a little warm… who am I kidding, it was too hot, especially considering my dress was a long sleeved shirt, a tie, and a jacket. I made sure and called me colleagues back in Schenectady and told them how rough it was down there.

My coworker and I arrived in Tampa around noon on Tuesday. Our plan had been to spend the rest of Tuesday preparing for our meeting which was scheduled to take place all day Wednesday. When we arrived my coworker called the guys we would be meeting with the next day and asked if they wanted to have dinner later that evening. When they found out we had already arrived they told us to go ahead and come over to the office that way we could get an early start and perhaps even negate the need to meet up on Wednesday.

We drove over to their offices; all the while I was feeling woefully unprepared. I was really beginning to regret allowing myself to be dragged along to this meeting. I am a project manager, this was a development meeting, what did they need me for? At this point I determined never again to attend a meeting where I did not control the agenda, the schedule, or the materials being presented.

Anyway, we got to the offices and dove into the material, it turns out I did not have to present any material and my presence there was solely as a supporting function. I provided what technical and operational knowledge I had at the relevant moments and kept my head down otherwise. The good thing was that we were able to wrap up our meeting on Tuesday and eliminate the need to meet again on Wednesday. My coworker and I decided whether or not to reschedule our flights but decided to make a brief appearance on Wednesday to say our farewells and then work the rest of the day from the hotel.

You know what the best thing about working from home or a hotel is? I can be on a conference call with a number of my peers or even senior executives from GE discussing billion dollar projects and not be wearing any pants. I challenge you to name one other situation of this magnitude where not wearing pants would be an acceptable premise. Would now be an inappropriate time to mention how much I love my job?IMG_3205

So I included the photo above for a reason, I included it because I am convinced that my son has a future in fashion design… or at least he has developed the logo of someone who does. I encourage you to pay close attention to the script ‘Y’ located on right of his shirt, that my friends is a naturally occurring spot of drool. That’s right; my son has created a potentially trademarkable logo out of drool. I don’t know exactly what employable skill he has shown evidence of, but it almost has to be one.

I’ve known for quite some time that I have a super power; it is one that I do not frequently make a big deal about, but recently has surged to the surface with a strength and ferocity like never before. Don’t get me wrong, my power is not an enviable one, in fact, I probably have the world’s worst super power, I am the human equivalent of a lightning rod for static electricity. For those who are more technically inclined, my body acts like a gigantic capacitor, however, unlike most capacitors I do not have the ability to discharge at will, rather I discharge at whatever moment is deemed most inconvenient. “Wait a minute,” you might be saying, “we all create static build ups and get shocked from time to time.” Well, my devoted audience, this goes much further than simply getting zapped on the lips when you bend over to kiss your significant other. I’ve created visible arcs from my key to the car while still at a distance of nearly an inch. I’ve recently caused my laptop to reboot as I reached for the power button to shut it down. I’ve caused chandeliers to flicker and dim when reaching for the light switch. This is no ordinary ability; this is… the world’s worst super power. Bad guys tremble whenever I threaten to shake their hand.


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