A New Hope

With another snow storm scheduled for this weekend even Facebook has taken to taunting me with its advertisements for snow blowers. Curse you FB, yes I do need an Ariens 24” Two Stage Electric Start Gas Snow Blower. Not that it matters anymore, it is late enough in the season that I couldn’t find a snow blower for purchase for just about any sum of money. I didn’t really plan on all the major home improvement stores being completely sold out of snow blowers. This could very easily put a crimp my plan to buy one for cheap once this winter is over.Snow Blower

Wednesday I nearly got stuck in Atlanta airport as they must have been in the midst of receiving historic levels of snowfall, they must have gotten multiple tenths of an inch… But seriously, I sat on the tarmac for over 90 minutes while they deiced the plane. I don’t claim to be an expert on deicing but I’m fairly confident that the deicing procedure is only good for so long, and I’m also fairly confident that that period of time is a number less than 90 minutes. The whole time the flight attendants kept reiterating how we had to stay in our seats with our seat belts buckled due to the fact that FAA regulations dictate that all passengers must be in their seats and buckled up whenever the plane is in motion on the ground (we weren’t really in motion, but we had to be ready just in case the pilot received word that we had to take off within a 15 second window). To be fair I didn’t really feel like verifying that FAA regulations really require this because, quite frankly, I don’t want to waste my time perusing FAA regulations, but let’s just say that this sounds exactly like something I would expect to come out of an agency whose authority comes from the federal government. While I sat waiting for my flight to take off I was amused at the irony of the fact that I took a shuttle to the airport which didn’t have seat belts and then I rode on a train inside the airport that didn’t even have seats yet I was not allowed to get up in a plane that might suddenly start moving at a walking pace. Thank you FAA for forcing the elderly gentleman in the first row to control his bladder for the entire 120 minutes it took to us to get into the air. Perhaps you would be better off trying to regulate other trivial matters like drone flights and paper airplanes, oh wait…

Last week I spent some time flying my drone and recreating scenes from Star Wars. This week I spent time editing said footage and put together an epic masterpiece of cinematography. Rather than go on and on about how my coworkers have raved about my piloting skills describing them as “nothing short of incredible” and how I have been called “the Da Vinci of Adobe Premier Pro” I will let the video speak for itself. It is worth mentioning that it is rumored that when George Lucas saw the video he said “it was the biggest mistake of my life not hiring him for production during Episode IV.” Without further ado I give you, Solar One – A New Hope.


After having filmed and edited the preceding video I am somewhat embarrassed to admit that I lost a Star Wars related bet earlier this week. My opponent conceded that the only reason he won was because he had seen Episode IV somewhere around the order of 30 times in the past six months, largely due to the fact that his five year old son loves Star Wars. Nevertheless, it was still a poor excuse for losing a Star Wars related bet; it looks like I am going to need to spend the next several weeks brushing up. The only real question at this point is do I start watching with Episode I or do I kick it off with Episode IV?

As I sit here typing this Jack is watching one of those mindless children’s cartoons with Leslie. I’m only half listening; I can’t really avoid overhearing at least part of it. It is sadly ungratifying to pick apart the basic premise of the show, not to mention all the other issues the show has (seriously, how are you supposed to drink a glass of water when the entire show takes place underwater?). I really don’t remember my childhood cartoons being this bad, this really, really bad.


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