I’ve Been IT’d

This week has been a relatively uneventful week, a week where I was able to get caught up on most of my work here in the office. It is amazing what a week without travel can do for my schedule. That said, the week did not pass completely without any items of note. I believe that Leslie and I have finally found our home church and this week we had our first meeting with our small group. For quite possibly the first time since we have been married we were surrounded by adults that were close to the same age and station in life as us. Typically Leslie and I are either the youngest couple in the class or group (although this is occurring less and less) or we have been married for far longer. Side note, it is crazy to think that we will celebrate our 10th anniversary this year! This is a somewhat new situation for us and it is kind of cool. Leslie was thrilled to find out that our pastor and his wife got married eight days before we did. It’s the little things in life.IMG_0106

Every once and a while I’ll try to inject a little humor into a situation whenever I have to deal with corporate IT, only every once and a while mind you, I’ve found that IT doesn’t often had a sense of humor. This time IT may have had the last laugh. I entered a Help Desk ticket because I was having issues with my docking station for my laptop, but I decided to have a little fun with it so the first two lines of my ticket read “I tried plugging my refrigerator into my docking station and now it doesn’t work… I’m kidding.” What I didn’t realize was that the workflow automatically pulls the first 67 characters from the description for form the title for the case; as such it read “I tried plugging my refrigerator into my docking station and now it doesn’t work.” Well, so much for that. I was disappointed that the IT tech did not ask me if my refrigerator was running when he called later in the day.


That was as far as I got last week, I had intended to finish up my newsletter on Monday as has become my standard procedure as of late, however, when Monday came around I was struck with a debilitating stomach bug. I’d give you the details, but trust me, those are details that no one wants. So here we are, the following Friday and I am just now getting caught up.

Leslie and I have exciting news from this past week, finally, after months of searching, we have found a home church. We had pretty much narrowed down our options by the beginning of this year; this past Sunday we had the opportunity to sit down with the pastor and his family for lunch after church and get to know them a little. We are very excited to see how God is going to use us in this church setting. It is a little different than we are used to or comfortable with, largely due to its size (it is a fairly small church), nevertheless, we believe that God’s calling in this is clear and we are ready to move forward.

We got more snow on Monday (another 8-12”) and even more is scheduled for this weekend, although this weekend’s snow should be comparatively light with only a few inches in the forecast. That said, the temperature has been brutal today with the high hovering right around 5F and wind chills dipping to around -17F. My ears were killing me by the time I got into the office earlier today and when I reached up to touch one of them I swear I heard it crunch. I’ll be honest, this is close to North Dakota cold right now; the snot in my nose is beginning to freeze every time I breathe in.

Well, two weeks gone and I do not have much else to report, rather than waste your time or mine I’ll just wrap things up. Until next week.


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