Ground Hog Day

Another week and another missed weekend deadline, it won’t be too much longer and Monday may just start being considered my normal publishing deadline. The last of our family has left, fleeing the state just ahead of the snow; although this storm, unlike the previous week’s “Epic Blizzard of 2015” actually ended up dumping more than just a few inches of snow on us. I’m quite certain there are a number of politicians in New York City who were regretting their decision to begin canceling 1000’s of flights before the first snow flake ever fell, and all that over what amounted to be a few measly inches. Last night’s storm left us with about 8-12” in the driveway this morning and it continued snowing throughout the day for a total accumulation around 18”. It’s worth mentioning that Punxsutawney Phil’s weather forecast is probably more accurate than the ones that have recently come from the meteorologists in southern New York.IMG_0026

Phil says there supposed to be six more weeks of winter; at this rate I cannot say that I am surprised. The more that I have thought about it, the more that I have realized that Ground Hog day was clearly an invention of someone who lived in the south, spring has never come as early as mid-February in the north. The ground hog comes out and sees his shadow in Ney York and we’re like, “oh, six more weeks of winter? Sounds like spring is coming early this year.”

When I went out to shovel snow this morning I decided to only shovel out a couple of tracks for my truck since it was still snowing pretty heavily and Leslie did not have any plans for getting out of the house. I was somewhat relieved that the snow was a very light and dry snow, meaning it wasn’t quite so heavy to shovel. When I got home I wasn’t able to pull into the driveway because my tracks had filled in and another 6”+ had fallen, fortunately it wasn’t a heavy snow, right? I’ve since revised that thought, it doesn’t matter what kind of snow it is, 18” is heavy… and a lot. I think the sidewalks might just have to wait until a later time, like maybe April or May. Whose stupid idea was it to wait until spring time to try and get a good deal on a snow blower? I now have mixed feelings about the snow we are forecasted to get on Wednesday, Thursday, and again on Saturday. Yipee? I will say this, the recent storm has provided us with a nearly limitless supply of snow ice cream, or at least limitless until the sweetened-condensed milk runs out. I wonder if I can buy a pallet of that stuff from Sam’s?IMG_0047

Family life is going well enough, despite our best efforts, Ayla managed to pick up the head cold that has been plaguing Jack off and on for the past couple of weeks. Just when it seemed he had completely gotten over whatever he had, overnight he came down with something else, or the same thing again and now it would appear that he has passed it along to his little sister. Darn him for trying to be so affectionate and loving.

Well, it’s late and I’m already not sleeping well so it is time for me to go to bed. For those of you on the West Coast, enjoy the rest of your Ground Hog day, go out and eat a ground hog… or something.


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