Blizzard 2015

I have always been a guy who enjoys being proven right, as I am sure most of us do. This weekend was one of those times and it is probably close to the greatest level of satisfaction that I have ever reached out of a case like this. As you well may know much of the months of December and January presented a challenge due to a slow but persistent leak in my basement, one that was related to groundwater but whose source I could not ultimately determine. After doing all the work of cutting away the walls from my French drains, as I had determined that the water was likely wicking along the stud from the drain, I was frustrated that this did not solve the problem; in fact it bought me to a point where I was stumped. I had an ever growing puddle in the middle of my basement that was not being caused by any kind of visible source. Although I knew the water table had risen above my slab, I could not figure out where the water was coming in.

After spending countless hours vacuuming up water and just staring at the floor I finally come up with the idea that maybe, just maybe, when they had anchored the studs along the floor they had punctured the slab and water was now coming up through the anchor hole. This past weekend I cut away the stud around each of the two anchors and discovered that my hypothesis was correct, the water had indeed been coming up through an anchor hole in my slab. A couple of hours and a little epoxy later, problem solved… or at least I think so, I won’t really know until things start flooding again.

As I was perusing various news sites today I came across a story that KFC has announced that they will be introducing a new item to the menu in their stores in the Philippines, a hotdog wrapped in fried chicken. As I read this story I instantly had two questions, “why isn’t this already a thing?” and “I wonder if they are talking about actual dogs?”

For all those who are concerned about our well-being during the supposed-to-be epic blizzard of 2015, I wish I could tell you that I appreciate your concerns. Fortunately I am currently seated at the airport enjoying an ice cream cone while booked on one of the last flights out of Albany headed to somewhere where these types of blizzards are only rumored of. Work related, of course. Why the ice cream cone you may ask? Oh, who am I kidding, anyone who has met me for more than ten minutes wouldn’t really ask a question like that. But other than that, what else says “later suckers” like an ice cream cone at the airport booked on the last flight out before a historic blizzard hits? This much was evidenced by the picture below I attached to an email I sent to a few of my colleagues (here in Albany).

1509976_10101192454568409_1640722506579284011_nIn other blizzard related news, they just announced that the flight from Tampa to LaGuardia that had been diverted to Albany will, in fact, be returning to Tampa. All I can say is that is a long flight to get within 30 minutes of your destination only to be diverted, land, and then return back to your point of origin. Of course, I’m certain that everyone was extremely comforted to hear that their flight crew would be coming from Boston… Something tells me that if La Guardia is getting hit bad enough to already divert air traffic, then Boston isn’t far behind. Well, my aircraft boards in just a few minutes, here’s to hoping we get off the ground.


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