It’s a Girl, But You Already Knew That

I’ll have you know that the second greatest highlight of my week was when I discovered the water table had finally receded below the level of my foundation and that I no longer had to go down to the basement periodically to vacuum up all the water. Of course, if probably goes without saying that the best part of the week was when we got to bring Ayla home Monday afternoon, a couple of days before we were expecting to be able to bring her home. If she keeps this trend up she could be the first woman in the world to regularly be early for things… or at least on time.

I apologize for leaving everyone hanging last week, but as you can imagine, things have been very busy in the Filippo household. As I have gone over that week I am so incredibly grateful for the three families that really stepped up their game and provided a great source of relief to Leslie and I, mostly in the form of child care, but also in the form of a never ending pasta dish… Seriously, Jack and I at three meals from that dish and it seemed like there was more pasta in it than when we started! We are incredibly grateful for the family that, with very little notice, was willing to take Jack on Christmas Eve and watch him for the whole night. We are also grateful for the family that offered to watch Jack for most of the day, two days in a row allowing me to dig out the basement and visit Leslie and Ayla in the hospital.

These families were not members of our home church (seeing as we don’t have a home church yet, shocker, right? The couple who has made a living out of quickly finding home churches over the past six years has spent two months in one spot and still hasn’t found one yet), nevertheless, they saw a need in a fellow believer and stepped in to meet that need, this is what church looks like. Leslie and I have frequently been able to be on the giving end of this, but this was probably the first time we have had the opportunity to be on the receiving end of it and we were truly overwhelmed by the love of our brothers and sisters.

It was actually rather humorous getting debriefed by both of the families that watched Jack because they both said the same thing, “he’s so quiet and easy to watch.” That could possibly be the first time that has ever been said about any Filippo child… ever. Clearly these people did not notice the child that ran around the house yelling at the top of his lungs during the Christmas party we hosted. Not because he needed or wanted anything, just because he wanted to contribute to the noise level. I guess you know it’s a good party when you practically have to yell at the person sitting across the table from you just to hold a normal conversation.

It has been interesting caring for a child that is technically considered a preemie. After our experience with the monster of an infant that Jack ended up being, I don’t think Leslie and I even realized that they made babies that small. Speaking of, as we were signing the paperwork to get Ayla released, one of the things the nurse asked us to do was to confirm that Ayla was, in fact, our child. When she said this I asked her, “If we say “no,” does that mean we can pick out another one?” Apparently I was the only one in the room that appreciated that joke since I got dirty looks from both Leslie and the nurse.

Well, I’ll quit blathering along, I know the real reason you were even looking at this week’s newsletter is because you wanted to see pictures of the baby girl. Well, here you go. I apologize for the poor quality, in my defense; I did not take any of these.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3


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