Parenting Merit Badges

If I told you that not much had happened this week as I was originally inclined to do I would be lying. Wednesday morning saw Leslie with a return visit to the hospital with some troubling symptoms, fortunately not the pain she had been in a couple of weeks ago, but troubling none the less. Of course it was made all the more difficult by the fact that I had flown back to Durham, NC to visit a project the evening before. After several hours of frustration she finally had an ultrasound and was able to talk with the doctor where he basically told her that if they had read her chart before telling her to go to the hospital [when she called the doctor’s office that morning] they never would have told her to go to the hospital, rather they would have directed her to the Women’s Clinic where she would have gone through a more routine and less stressful checkup that would have told them the exact same thing the hospital visit did, that both she and the baby were ok and the symptoms she was exhibiting were perfectly normal with the particular difficulties Leslie has been experiencing during this pregnancy.

Despite the fact that we were essentially told that nothing was wrong and we had no reason to worry, we did find out a couple of things. We confirmed that she will need to have a C-section which is kind of nice because it removes the question mark surrounding the delivery date and allows family to make travel arrangements ahead of time. We also found out that Leslie will be unable to travel for Christmas this year. While we are disappointed that we will not be able to travel back to Atlanta to see family this year we are also somewhat relieved because that is another question mark that has been removed from our future (originally we wouldn’t have found out if they would let her travel until the week before Christmas making travel arrangements uncertain and likely very expensive).

It has certainly been an interesting transition moving into a project management, particularly when it comes to what time I arrive at the office. For the past six years I’ve gotten used to getting up around 0500-0530 and being the first in the office by about 0615. Knowing I was moving into a different setting I decided to scale things back a little, the problem with that was it wasn’t enough. Even showing up at 0730 I am beating everyone in by 30-45 minutes. Now I’m starting to wonder if any of these people actually work for a living. Where it gets kind of funny was earlier this week I rolled into site about my normal time but I didn’t actually get out into the field until around 0900 since I was tied up in my office getting some other work done. When I walked out and started talking with the foreman he razzed me a little saying, “Man, it must be nice being able to show up at 0900.” I immediately replied, “You know, when I used to have guys reporting to me directly from the field I would occasionally be late into the office and you know what my guys said every time? ‘Good morning, boss.’”

I was looking at my blog stats the last week and something I saw really made my day, for a couple of days the most commonly searched for item that returned a hit to my blog was the phrase “maleficent odor.” Sometimes I wish we got merit badges as parents, like they do in the Boy Scouts. If they did that I would have just gotten one of those all elusive badges that only like three scouts have. That’s it, there is my million dollar idea, parenting merit badges. I would have earned two badges this week, that one and the one for “You just caused your child to face plant on the kitchen floor.”

And it is with that last idea that I will leave you this week, no barrage of cute pictures to compensate for sloppy writing, just sloppy writing this week… I don’t really have enough time to go find any pictures.


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