Remodeling and the Giving of Thanks

So I am way late on publishing this week, not because I didn’t have much to write about but because I’ve been insanely busy.  Don’t expect too many words this week, I’m going to throw a few paragraphs together and apply a liberal dose of cute pictures just to get by.

I got back home from Durham last Saturday where I promptly began my week long vacation by finishing up some work.  We took my mom to the airport later that afternoon and began our longest stretch in our new home without visitors to date.  We had made tentative plans with a couple of our neighbors for Thanksgiving Day and there were a couple of projects around the house that I wanted to complete before then, specifically in the kitchen.  Most of the first half of the week was spent painting and installing cabinets in the kitchen… have I told you how much I detest painting?  It slows everything down.  Good thing that I have a wife who enjoys it and was willing to help.  Overall I felt pretty good with the work, I’m not a finishing carpenter by any stretch of the meaning, but I think it turned out nice.  There are still a few touch up items to complete and the addition of a plate rack I’ll install underneath the right cabinet, but most of the work is done.  It was a big deal to get the extra counter space and storage space in the cabinets since the kitchen itself didn’t have a ton of those to begin with.

photo 1

photo 2Wednesday it started snowing and it snowed quite a bit, I think we ended up getting about 8” by the time Thanksgiving morning rolled around.  Needless to say Jack got up and immediately started squealing like a little girl who couldn’t contain her excitement at seeing the snow.  Leslie is giving me a dirty look as I read this out loud, reminding me that it wasn’t Jack who squealed like a little girl, rather it was myself.  Needless to say, we got our snow clothes on and immediately went outside to play in the snow, or should I say, Jack played in the snow while I shoveled the driveway. I think I’ll be ok shoveling snow out of our driveway as long as it only snows once a year.  It was a perfect time to drive around our neighborhood.  I never would have imagined myself living in the city, but I feel extremely grateful that we live in such a beautiful neighborhood.

photo 1 (1) photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

The picture of Jack on the bottom is when we decided to venture out on Saturday afternoon, we found a McDonald’s with a PlayPlace (which is getting more and more difficult to find these days) and let Jack run wild while we ordered our food.  Rather than having fun going up and down the slide he found it more amusing to play peekaboo.

Thanksgiving Day didn’t go quite as we planned, it ended up being just our family, nevertheless we cooked all of our food and had a good time doing so.  It’s probably never been said that someone went hungry in a Filippo household and this past week was no different.  Our diet for the past four days has consisted almost entirely of a 5lb ham and a 10lb turkey.  Throw in some green stuff, sweet potato pie, and about 3 gallons of punch and you have yourself a meal… or two… or three.  You get the gist.

Our church search continued this morning as we attended a fourth church in the northwest Albany area.  It is getting more and more difficult since the churches we have visited have been incredible.  We are both ready to settle down at a home church and get plugged in.

Well, dinner is ready and it doesn’t involve turkey this evening so I’m not going to miss it.  I hope that your holiday was filled with the giving of thanks and the reminder of the blessings of family and friends.


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