The Two Ice Cream Cone Dilemma

I apologize for missing last week’s publication, somewhere between loading up my stuff in Lubbock and moving it to Oklahoma City; unloading all my stuff in Oklahoma City and getting a bigger truck, then loading all the stuff from Lubbock plus all the stuff we had left in OKC a year ago into a bigger truck and then driving to Ringgold where I, once again, unloaded all of my stuff, I kind of lost track of time.  Of course, if that had been the end of the story I might have still managed to get a newsletter published.  Instead, after I had unloaded all of the stuff I brought from OKC, I then had to dive into my mom and dad’s attic and retrieve all the stuff we had stored six years ago when Leslie and I first started travelling.  Whew!  It is amazing how much perspective you gather not even looking at something for six years, we threw away or donated probably close to a third of all the stuff we stored six years ago.  Now, if we can just close on our house we can load all of that stuff up one final time for the trip to Albany… bleh, maybe next time I will just hire a moving company.

This week was a whirlwind of activity, almost as much so as last week.  That said, after last week, coming back to work was almost like going on vacation… which is interesting because I had to use vacation days to get moved last week, go figure.  Anyway, I drove up to Durham, NC on Monday to meet with the customer for my first project, and then I spent the rest of the week meeting the general contractor and preparing for our kickoff meeting on Thursday.  Thursday evening I drove back to Atlanta so that I could spend some time with Leslie and Jack before heading off to a weekend of worship with a group of guys I have known for a number of years.

I was watching a SciFi movie the other night, a movie that takes place in 2047 and deals heavily with space travel.  One of the opening scenes of the movie involves Sam Neil shaving with a straight razor and I couldn’t help but think, “Man, if that is how we are shaving in 2047, the future of men’s personal grooming is doomed.”  Why exactly these are the things I think about when watching movies, I have no idea.


I admitted a couple of weeks ago that I had a problem, specifically when it came to my choice of breakfast foods.  Well, I’m here today to say that my problem has not diminished, not even in the slightest.  If anything, it is now worse than ever.  The other night I stopped by Bruester’s to grab an ice cream cone after unloading some trash.  I went through the drive thru and told them I wanted a double scoop of mint chocolate chip in a waffle cone.  I pulled up to the window and gave her my credit card, when she told me the price I was a little shocked.  “Goodness,” I thought, “They have really jacked up their prices on ice cream.”  It was at that point that a second lady showed up at the window holding two double scoop mint chocolate chip ice cream cones.  As she handed them over a brief, but intense struggle went on within my head.  I could point out the error; however, by the time that she reversed the charge on my credit card and ran through the correct amount I would likely be finished with my first ice cream cone and want a second one anyway.  But how could I hold two ice cream cones in my hand while simultaneously trying to eat one and drive home?  I have nowhere to put the second cone; cup holders simply do not hold waffle cones.  Ok, so I lied a little bit, the struggle was brief, but it wasn’t intense at all; I made up my mind before I was ever able to complete the thought of my counterargument.

I’ve had my name screwed up in nearly every way imaginable, including Derikk Felipo (a special thanks goes out to my 11th grade English teacher for that one), but this week was a first.  Someone sent an email to my work address, an address which has my first and last name spelled correctly in it, mind you, and referred to me as Dirk. Really… Dirk? Maybe if we were close friends, but I hardly know the guy.

And with that last little tidbit I will leave you as it is time for me to get back on the road… It’s funny, I took this job because it represented an opportunity to settle down, yet I’ve spent the past three weeks doing more travel than I have since I started with GE.


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