The Lost Paragraphs

Some of the stuff I have written below is a bit dated; this is due to the nature of the topic I covered last week.  I already had some written several paragraphs of my particular brand of humor before I decided to cover the persecuted church and, for obvious reasons, those two topics do not mix particularly well.  So without much ado here are the so-called lost paragraphs.

It turns out that simply relying on all of Jack’s toys to turn themselves off at night is no longer a feasible option.  A couple of nights ago Jack woke up in the middle of the night, not quite crying but doing more than just the moaning that signifies he is about to fall back asleep.  Bleary-eyed, Leslie stumbled into the kitchen to make him a bottle.  After preparing his bottle she quietly tip-toed into his room trying desperately not to disturb him more than he already was.  She stealthily slipped the bottle into his mouth and crept back towards the door.  Suddenly, one of Jack’s toys (which typically requires one to push a button to activate it) started singing, “Welcome to our learning farm…”  Quickly she ran to the toy and switched it off, however, in her panic induced state, instead of switching it off she switched it to “Loud Mode.”  Yeaaaa… I think we might be taking the batteries out of all of his stuff now.

In other news it would appear that there was something I forgot to mention last week, during Leslie’s last ultrasound we found out that we would be having a little girl.  Leslie and I have long since had our girl’s name picked out, actually, we had this name picked out before we ever came up with Jack’s name.  She will be born Ayla Jordan Filippo and we are very much hoping that she won’t be anywhere near as monstrous as her older brother.  Much to my disappointment, I just realized that this girl is going to be born in New York; she’s going to be a New Yorker.  She’s going to be asking for my khakis (car keys) so she can go out and get some cwoffee (coffee).

I had a chance to talk with my new manager this week and hammer down at least a tentative schedule for the three to four weeks.  Monday I will fly to Schenectady to begin training for my new role to and to start the house search.  It is our hope that during the two weeks I am there we will be able to find a house we like.  After that I hope to be home for the weekend to help Leslie finish packing and then I’m off to Durham for a week to kick off my first project.  Then sometime after that I’ll be back to Lubbock to move Leslie, Jack and our stuff from Lubbock to Oklahoma City where we will stop by and pick up some of our stuff; then from OKC to Atlanta where we will stop and pick up the rest of our stuff.  Finally, we will move from Atlanta to Albany…  Oh the joys of having lived in thirteen different places over the past six years.

This weekend, while it is a bit early, we will be celebrating Jack’s first birthday.  We’ll be celebrating early primarily because I will be in New York for his actual birthday, which means that I will have missed the trifecta of his first Thanksgiving, Christmas, and birthday.  I think my “World’s Greatest Dad” mug is in the mail.  Anyway, we are celebrating his first birthday.  It is hard to believe that he is nearly a year old already.  It is incredible to see everything that has happened in the past year; from wrapping up my last few months in Brazil, to finding a new camper, moving to Lubbock, starting a new project, selling our recently purchased camper, getting a new job, and finally moving to New York.  All of this has happened in the background of my child growing up.  I’m not necessarily surprised at how quickly the year has gone by, I’m just surprised at how much has changed, and this is coming from someone whose entire adult life has been based on change.

Today was my last day on the job and we ended up getting enough rain to drown a fish so work was called early.  This is one of the reasons this week’s letter was so late in getting out.  The other reason is that Jack has been trying to get into my lap and help me write for the past twenty minutes.  Perhaps he takes after his father in that regard.  We’ll see if his humor equals that of his father’s.  If I don’t wrap this up soon I’m going to wind up with him pulling my laptop onto the floor, that or sticky yogurt melts all in my keyboard.


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