Another Unexpected Change

I will say this; I really did intend to write a newsletter last week, even though I was on vacation.  However, I encountered one minor problem on Monday whenever I trekked down the mountain to obtain a usable cell and/or Wi-Fi signal; I had forgotten my laptop charger at home.  Home home, not vacation home.  Furthermore, my battery strength was sitting at a measly 7%, or just enough to boot up, search for a Wi-Fi signal and then promptly shut down.  While I was able to get most of my work done using only my cell phone that is where I draw the line.  I refuse to compose my weekly epic utilizing only a cell phone touch screen keyboard.

Other than that minor hiccup vacation was awesome.  We got to spend a little over a week in the mountains of Colorado enjoying the company of most of my side of the family.  Jack’s sleep was a little disrupted with several nights where he woke up screaming and was inconsolable until Leslie or I picked him up and held him.  Of course, when this happened at 2am our natural reaction was to bring him into the bed with us.  Unfortunately for us, bringing him into our bed must have signaled that it was time to get up and play because he went from an exhausted 11 month old to a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed one.  I do have to admit, even in my sleep deprived state I found it hilarious when from the dark next to me I would hear a sudden “Raaaaar” in his quiet, gravelly voice.  I guess that is what I get for teaching him the [presumed] sound of a dinosaur as his first animal noise.  As it turns out, Jack also knows what sound a monkey makes.  Great, monkeys and dinosaurs, if my child is ever stuck playing Jumanji he will fit right in.  One other thing we learned was that my child, much like a dog, really enjoys gnawing on a good rib bone.  We found this particular bone while we were hiking in the woods, it looked vaguely human.  I kid of course, but it seems that an appreciation of good barbecue begins at a very young age.


During my vacation I had the opportunity to travel about 30 miles over back country trails in the mountains of San Isabel National Forest over the course of a couple of days… granted, I did so while riding my dirt bike, but travel them I did.  The first day I went with a large group of family members (not to be mistaken for a group of large family members) and while I was on my bike and significantly more mobile, they all rode quads.  It took us several hours, but we arrived at the top of the mountain and nearly everyone was feeling the effects of having ridden over seven miles of rough terrain and no one was looking forward to the trip back down.  The next day I decided to go up and ride one of the trails we had passed, one where bikes were allowed, but quads were not.  Yea… that turned out to be a mistake.  I can do up and down steep hills and I can do very narrow trails; what I have a hard time doing is those two items combined with large rocks and trees blocking the trail.  This would have been a tough hiking trail, much less trying it on a dirt bike.  Nevertheless, a little over an hour later I had finally finished the mile long section of that trail.  Exhausted, I parked my bike at the campground and hiked a bit further to the lake; I sat down and watched some people fish while I rested.  Eventually I recovered enough energy to make my back to my bike and start back down the mountain.  Knowing that you couldn’t pay me enough money to take the same trail back down that I had taken up, I decided to take the trail we had ridden the previous day, all seven miles of it.  An hour later I was back at my mom and dad’s place being greeted by a somewhat worried wife.  That’s right, it took roughly the same amount of time to travel the last seven miles of trail that it did to ride the first one.  Fantastic.

In other news I GE offered me a new job as a Project Manager up in Schenectady, New York.  While I have suspected that the offer was coming for a couple of weeks (after an interview I had a while back), the actual offer did not come until two Fridays ago, the first day of my vacation.  After much prayer and careful deliberation, Leslie and I have decided to take the role.  New York is going to be different for us, it is not a place that either one of us has ever pictured moving.  That said we are both very excited about the opportunities God has in store for us up there.  Granted, I wish all of this had happened about a month ago before we signed the lease on the house we are renting… oh well.  As long as we can cut through all of the red tape I am supposed to start my new role on September 15th.  At this point I expect to be up there for a couple of weeks before I try to move Leslie and Jack up.  Hopefully that will give us time to get our affairs in order in Lubbock before we have to move.  I expect that you will hear more about this as the weeks go on.  In the meantime, we ask for your prayers as we try to pack the things we need to pack, sell the things we need to sell, and say goodbye to the people we need to say goodbye to.  This move will not be easy for us, granted, the past few moves have not been; however, this one more than most.  This is the first time we have had a project abruptly cut short, always before we have had plenty of advanced warning for when we would leave.  Here it felt like we were just getting established only to be uprooted and moved across the country.  For that we request your thoughts and prayers.  Until next week.


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