Infants Should Not Be Allowed to Drive

I had the opportunity to teach the youth Sunday school class this past weekend, granted I was the second alternate, but I got to teach a youth SS class again!  I had forgotten how much fun that was… or how useful of a skill it is to be able to instantly recall a large number of grim or gory Bible stories.  I have to say I was a bit rusty and I got a little bit bogged down in the content (and as a result had to rush my conclusion), but overall I thought it went really well.  At least it was right up until the point one of the girls started crying.  I mean… I didn’t think my teaching was that bad.  But seriously, afterwards I was able to sit down with a couple of the students and comfort the weeping girl, turns out it was an issue completely unrelated to my teaching.

The whole scenario brought about a new realization within myself though, a new perspective, not really a new idea, just a better understanding of an old one.  As we talked about prayer requests my heart was burdened as I listened to the kids share their problems and part of me smiled inwardly as their problems seemed so small compared to those I experience as an adult.  Don’t get me wrong, I understand that to these kids their problems are huge and they genuinely are distressed by them, I am only saying that, in comparison to the problems they will experience later in life their current woes are insignificant.  What struck me is that this is how God probably views our own issues… insignificant.  The worst things that can possibly happen to us, loss of a job, serious injury, death of a loved one, all of these problems are insignificant to our awesome and all powerful God.  This is the being that is responsible for the creation of the universe, for first breathing life into man, for the resurrection of His own Son (and numerous others), can we honestly believe that any of our problems pose any significant hurdles to Him?

Never again will I let this kid drive... at least not until he is 32.

Never again will I let this kid drive… at least not until he is 32.

Wednesday night was the monthly youth outing and this month they opted to visit a place that served as a combination bowling alley/arcade/pizza joint/laser tag arena/pool hall.  Once again I had the opportunity to demonstrate my proficiency in laser tag and my lack of proficiency in bowling.  I did discover that I am capable of throwing a bowling ball fast/hard enough to break the sensor that records the speed of the ball. Go me!  Naturally this led me to start thinking about what the land speed record was for a bowling ball… Hmmm…  This is probably not a train of thought that is safe or beneficial to my overall health or wellbeing.  This probably goes hand in hand with my idea for putting a cantaloupe into orbit (I was trying to find a good image to go with this, but, perhaps unsurprisingly, the Google search for “cantaloupes in outer space” did not return anything useful).

As many of you have heard, GE recently changed my compensation package, representing some significant changes for how I am reimbursed and/or compensated for living on the road.  Without going into too much detail, suffice it to say that it is no longer profitable for me to live in the smaller living quarters of a camper.  About a month ago Leslie and I began searching for a house to rent; we found the one we wanted almost immediately.  After nearly three and a half weeks of price and contract negotiation we were able to get moved in last week.  While the house is significantly more space than we need, we are very much looking forward to being able to host people and events in our new home, something we have been previously unable to do.

Jesus, take the wheel because I sure as heck can't reach the brake!

Jesus, take the wheel because I sure as heck can’t reach the brake!

One interesting note, Leslie and I had only seen the house one time before we decided to sign the lease and eventually move in.  That said, that one visit had been fairly thorough in terms of looking at all the rooms and conceptualizing how we would set things up.  However, when I was doing the walk down with the landlord I discovered a whole other room that I had missed on my previous visit.  Once Leslie came over I showed her the room, she didn’t remember it either.  I’m a little concerned that one day one of those rooms and everything (or everyone) in it is just going to disappear.

So this past weekend, Leslie and I got moved into our new house, and speaking as one who, in my entire adult life, has never had a garage, “Garages are awesome!”  Don’t get me wrong, having all this new found space is great, but I think my favorite thing so far has been our garage.  Granted, neither one of our vehicles will fit inside the garage, but it is still awesome.

I may not have a newsletter next week; we are going up to Colorado to spend some time with my extended family.  Cell reception and internet connections will be spotty, if not nonexistent.  On top of that, I may be entirely too caught up in hiking, dirt biking, and just relaxing to take the time to write a newsletter.  Fear not, you will hear from me again, just probably not next week.


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