Here We Go Again

Last week presented a multitude of changes, or more specifically, preparation for a multitude of changes.  The day we returned from our vacation I was sent a notice (email) that I was required to attend a conference call later that afternoon to discuss some changes in how my travel compensation is disbursed.  While it was not unexpected, it was an official notice of an unfortunate change starting at the end of the month.  Long story short, it is no longer profitable for Leslie and I to live in the camper as we have done for the past six years.  Most of my peers were very upset with these changes, and while I am not pleased there are several benefits to the change.  Since the trailer has lost its profitability and hence, its appeal, Leslie and I are now looking into renting a house within Lubbock.  Leslie is obviously, very excited about the prospect of moving into an actual home, one that doesn’t have wheels and rock every time the wind blows.  I myself am excited about the prospect since Jack has recently shown a proclivity towards playing a form of hide ‘n’ seek; a game that really loses its appeal in a camper where you can see just about everything in the trailer from any other point in the trailer.

On Monday I was able to get off of work pretty early due to a bad patch of weather that rolled in early in the afternoon.  Leslie and I decided to use the opportunity to go house hunting so we packed Jack into the truck and set off towards Lubbock.  We found a couple of places online that looked appealing so we started off towards the first one only to discover that the place had already been occupied and the ‘For Rent’ sign had been removed.  As we turned down the road going to the second home I stopped the truck dead in the middle of the road as soon as I noticed six police officers surrounding a home preparing to charge in.  It really speaks to the type of some of the areas I have lived in over the past 10 years that I immediately told Leslie not to worry, it wasn’t that bad.  It’s not like there was any shooting going on… yet.  Yea… so maybe this wasn’t really an area we wanted to live in, perhaps we had better seek some professional help.

I’ve been presented with a troubling quandary at work.  Initially, when I set up my office, I did so in a manner that allowed the sunshine streaming through one of my windows to fall across one of my display tables on which sat my solar powered wind turbines.  Now, with the change of the seasons, the sunlight no longer streams through that particular window at any point during the day, now it comes through the window along my back wall.  My quandary is this, do I spend the time and effort and completely rearrange my office or do I continue to suffer through the agony of frequently glancing over at my model wind farm only to realize that nothing is functional due to the lack of sunlight?  Oh woe is me.

This particular newsletter presented a bit of a challenge this week so I went back to my publication from March of last year to get some inspiration, unfortunately my time then was mostly consumed with the disaster arising from my encounter at Bob’s Burgers and my overwhelming desire to consume copious quantities of peanut butter.  So really, there was no help there.  Then I went and read many of the responses I got from that newsletter, while all of them where positive, nothing provided any kind of inspiration for the level of humor I prefer to inject into my writings.  It also presented a challenge because I had to bury my selected image for this week at the end of the newsletter so as not to give away the surprise that culminated in my announcement that, once again, Leslie is pregnant; or as I told our pastor, we are quite unexpectedly expecting.


The schedule of this project (and the next phase) currently takes us out to March of 2015.  The timing of this works well since it will allow Leslie to remain in one location throughout the entire length of her pregnancy… you know, rather than travelling to a foreign country for four months where her doctors spoke quietly and with a heavy accent.  It will be a change for us, calling one place home for such a long period of time; but with all the other changes we are going through this will probably be a welcome change.


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