To B(lind) or Not to B(lind)

I know, I know, I missed last week’s publication.  What can I say?  It was a relatively uneventful week and I was pressed for time on Friday and Saturday.  This week was also fairy uneventful, but there was enough to make a newsletter about it, so here we go.

Monday I had my one month follow-up appointment with the doctor who worked on my eyes.  While much of my eyesight has been restored it has been gradual enough that I was quite surprised to discover that when the nurse came in to do the vision test I tested out at 20/20 in both eyes.  When the doctor came in he asked how I was doing and I told him that I wasn’t doing too bad… a very typical answer for me.  When he started looking at my charts he kind of chuckled and said, “Oh, you’re at 20/20 in both eyes; when you said you weren’t doing too bad I figured you’d be around 20/40.”

Well then… excuse me for thinking you cared about my overall wellbeing, not just my eyesight.  But seriously, now that I’m five weeks out from the surgery and seeing great I am feeling a lot more grateful for the whole thing than I was 4.5 weeks ago when I was still mostly blind.  Especially when I consider the fact that I am much further ahead in my recovery than the average PRK patient at this point in time.

Most weeks after I publish my newsletter I wind up having a conversation with Leslie where she asks me if such and such occurrence that I recounted in my newsletter actually happened.  She is frequently surprised to find out how much of my stuff is made up, or at least greatly embellished.  On that note, Leslie asked me this week if I thought that she was smothering Jack with her constant attention.  After I removed the pillow from on top of his face* I told her, “Honey, you can’t spell smothering without mother.”


It never struck me just how competitive I really am until Leslie and I volunteered at VBS this past week during the evenings.  On one of the last nights, during game time we were playing the equivalent of musical chairs, only instead of sitting down in chairs the kids had to stand on colored circles on the floor.  Of course, I had decided to join in with the children to demonstrate how the game was played.  During one of the rounds I noticed that this little boy wasn’t moving from atop his circle so I walked over to him and told him that he had to move off of the circle until the music stopped playing.  “Why?” he asked my with those pleading eyes.  “Because those are the rules,” I told him, “and if you don’t play by the rules you will lose.”  Nervously he stepped off the circle and moved a couple of feet away.  Immediately the music stopped.  He whirled around to return to his circle only to find it occupied by yours truly.  “Sorry kid, sometimes life’s rough like that.”

A couple of weeks ago we were able to entice Jack to climb up the stairs into our bedroom (3 large steps).  He did pretty decent for a kid that just learned to crawl about a month ago.  Last week, shortly after I got home Leslie and I were talking while she was doing laundry in the living room.  As she moved into the bedroom I followed her to continue the conversation; Jack gave a little half cry when he couldn’t see us anymore, but other than that left us alone.  Not even a minute later I turned to look back in the living room to check on him and was startled to see that he had crawled across the trailer and up the stairs and was very quietly sitting on the floor right behind me, smiling.  Had I been someone who startled very easily *cough* Leslie *cough*, I probably would have jumped.  Turns out he takes after his dear ol’ dad and enjoys scaring the living daylights out of people.  This kid’s going places.

This weekend Leslie and I are flying out to Orlando with Jack to meet up with my family and go to Disney.  I am assuming that at this point next week I’ll either have a success story for how much fun we had or a terrifying recounting of how my child is deathly afraid of extremely large mice.

*Sheesh, I’m kidding about the whole pillow thing people, lighten up.


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