New Members

Not too much to write home about this week, but here it goes.

Earlier this week I got a call from Hertz requesting an odometer reading on one of the trucks we have out at site.  I located the truck and fair warning, the guy who drives this truck is the adult equivalent of the class clown; anyway I called out over the radio and the conversation went a little like this:

“K., you’re driving a Nissan, right?”

“Yea, 10-4, I’m driving a grey Nissan.”

“Can you verify the ID number for me?  It should be written in Sharpie on the inside of the driver’s side door.”

“Yea, the number is 659-18-1140.”

“Ok, good, can you give me the odometer reading?”

“Uh… my truck doesn’t have an odometer.”

Laughing because I know it does, “Go ahead and just make up a number then.”

“Uh, how about 18-20 mph?”

At this point the whole office is cracking up. “K., I don’t know how they do it in New York, but in Texas and odometer measures mileage; an anemometer measures wind speeds.”

“Oooooh, well that makes a lot more sense.”

It only makes it all the more comical that this is the guy of strong Irish descent who, like many Irish people, sun burn very easily, so of course, he comes into work every day with sunscreen lathered on his face thicker than icing on a cake.

This week, in the realm of parenting I made an important discovery, it is physically impossible to transfer baby powder from one container to another.  My other recent, professional parenting tips include things like: spraying your child with Febreeze is not an acceptable alternative for giving them a bath (who knew?) and coveralls also make excellent handles when trying to pick up your child.  It has also become apparent that even Facebook has caught on to the fact that I am a new parent.  Under the category of books I have recently read it comes up with suggestions from such groundbreaking and thought provoking authors like Dr. Seuss and E.B. White.  Thank you Facebook; why yes I have recently read ‘Green Eggs & Ham.’


On Wednesday I sent our pastor an email concerning when the next “new members” class would be scheduled.  I also asked when we could get our name on the list for pew assignments; I wanted to ensure Leslie and I got on the list for the 7th row back, far right side.  Clearly the second question was meant as a joke… sort of.  Leslie and I had to confront an older couple last week since they were sitting in our spot.  I just want to ensure that kind of confrontation doesn’t happen again.


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