Parent of the Year Award

This past week has gone by rather quickly, and while my vision isn’t back to 100% it is significantly better than it has been.  According to everything I’ve read this gradual process is perfectly normal; still, knowing that doesn’t make it any easier to experience.  Even though the longer recovery time is expected, it is still incredibly frustrating.

Starting last Thursday, west Texas started getting quite a bit of rain, some areas, including Lubbock, got 6.5” over a period of six days.  On Monday (Memorial Day) evening we ended up getting 1.5” over a period of 20 minutes.  I’m from an area known for torrential thunder storms, but I don’t know that I’ve ever seen it rain that hard before.  The flooding has been incredible, there’s one spot down the road from our campground that is typically a dry lakebed; approximately two to three acres big and 15 to 20 feet deep.  For the past week the thing has been completely full.


As you can see in the picture above, Jack is no longer satisfied with simple water bottles.  He firmly believes in the old adage that ‘bigger is better’ and went straight for the gallon milk jug.  “Sorry to disappoint buddy, but you’re not going to get any milk out of it that way.”  On that note, I can say that I have now encountered the first person to disapprove of my parenting style to my face, what’s more was that it was two people in the same day!  While it was the first, I can almost guarantee it won’t be the last, I’m too polarizing of a person for that to happen; additionally it seems that everybody has at least two armpits opinions on the matter, and they both stink.  Having said that, I am proud to report that Jack seems to appreciate the finer things in life, things like Grape Nerds Slushies from Sonic and mild queso.  I can see it now, at some point in the near future I’ll be living out the Bill Cosby Chocolate Cake routine… “Dad is great, he gives us chocolate cake!”

This evening, Leslie is going to watch a ballet by herself… well, at least not with Jack or I in attendance.  This will really be the first time that Jack has been in my care (and only my care) for an extended period of time… for those of you who are not yet concerned, perhaps you should revisit my “Dad” picture compilations found in the newsletters from 6-14-13, 7-5-13, or 7-26-13 (links included below).

I don’t typically use my newsletter to post links, but someone sent me a link to a video a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been absolutely mesmerized by it ever since.  I’ll put the track on repeat and listen to it for hours on end while I’m working.  This guy took portions of the Jurassic Park theme, which is, in my opinion, one of the best pieces John Williams has ever composed, and started playing it on the Weissenborn, a type of acoustic guitar.  The effect is enchanting.  But enough about my own thoughts on it, listen to it for yourself:


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