Kids Make Us Say the Darndest Things

This past Sunday was Palm Sunday, or as we used to call it when we were kids: Whack your best friend in the face with a palm leaf Sunday.  I got to relive some of my childhood when I started whacking other parent’s children in the head with palm leaves, it was quite entertaining; and I’m almost positive that the other parents were absolutely thrilled that I was teaching their children to whack each other in the head with palm leaves.  I don’t know how else to explain the looks I kept getting.

I imagine it won’t be too much longer before I have to start saying things like, “Jack, don’t whack the other kids in the face with your palm leaf.”  Having children has given me the opportunity to say things that I never before have had the occasion so say.  Things like, “don’t lick the end of mommy’s laptop charger, buddy,” or “daddy’s nose is NOT a chew toy,” and “if you don’t like the taste of the wet wipes then stop putting them in your mouth.”

Now that Jack has started to get mobile… not in the sense of crawling or anything, more in the sense of rolling all over the floor and licking things he’s not supposed to lick, like the bag of dirty diapers or the charging end of Leslie’s laptop cord.  Anyway, not that Jack is starting to get mobile I’m going to have to start worrying about childproofing things in the camper, things like electrical outlets.  It just so turns out that those little plastic doohickeys that plug into your electrical outlets serve a purpose other than annoying the snot out of anyone who doesn’t have children.

Now, what has really been entertaining is trying to teach the little guy sign language.  Much like many parent’s this day in age, Leslie is attempting to teach Jack the sings for things like milk, diaper, more, all done, and stop.  That last one is hilarious because it requires both hands, but usually whatever he is doing that you want him to stop doing requires you to use both of your hands to keep him from doing it.  I’ve tried to do my part, I really have, but Leslie is not appreciative of the fact that I associate the sign to the right with drink.  While we have yet to see any fruit from these efforts he has started using actual syllables when he talks.  Syllables like dadadadada (which apparently doesn’t count as his first words, according to mom anyway) and AAIEEEEEEEEE!  Leslie is working with him on the mamama sound so that she can claim mama as his first word.  Of course, none of that could beat the “nananana, Batman!”  Personally, I have settled on trying to teach him the word “brains” as his first word, because think about it, until the time he learns a second word he will be the cutest zombie in the world running around yelling “bwaaaains!”


Last week Disney had a meeting with their board of directors and shared some information on the direction they are heading with their movie studios.  There was a lot of information released about movies that I don’t really care about (but I’m sure I probably will in the next few years), but one little tidbit that they did release was about Star Wars Episode VII set to release sometime in 2016.  Turns out that there were a lot of complaints about the diversity of the human race, I mean sure, there was Mace Windu, but he died.  In response to these complaints it would appear that Disney has given nod to a more racially diverse Star Wars universe; on that note I am proud to present the new C3P0 and R2-D2.  For those of you unfamiliar with my writing, this last paragraph was written with a healthy dose of sarcasm and should not be taken as fact.

Star Wars Cast

Unfortunately I do not have a mission statement to present to you this week, though we are reaching the final stages of drafting it.  Leslie and I will set aside some time this Sunday to sit down and condense all of our research and analysis from the past couple of weeks.  I will say this, after having spent a couple of days trying to summarize everything I want to include I have condensed a page full of notes into roughly a page full of text.   I’m not very good at summarizing.

Have a happy Easter and remember why it is that we choose to celebrate this day.




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