Welcome to the Gun Show

I know, I know, I’m way late on this one. Between a hectic delivery schedule and having company in town this past week I completely blew through all of my self-imposed deadlines and now I find myself composing the remainder of my newsletter on a Monday morning, shame on me. Because it’s Monday morning and I am so late on my publication you cannot expect much; no pictures and only a few paragraphs of text. Short and sweet.

Hopefully next week will be filled with stories of night vision goggles and feral hog hunting.
Now that I’ve been a parent for six months I decided it might be time to update some of my interests in Facebook. I worked on it for quite some time finally narrowing it down to a list that included three items; children, ice cream, and video games. Naturally, after thinking about it for a bit I decided that perhaps that it sounded a bit creepier than I intended it to.

Last weekend we had the opportunity to visit the Lubbock Gun Show, it was little Jack’s first time at an event like this. Never having taken children to a gun show before, I was surprised to learn about the “Cute Kid” discount. It turns out that most vendors become so enthralled by a smiling child they are willing to knock off a few dollars from their prices. Leslie and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves up to the point where Jack refused to stop crying until I bought him something. He kept whining, “Dad! I need a Savage .223 bolt action rifle with an attached Bushnell scope!” It was all pretty impressive considering those were the first words he has ever spoken. At that point, I really had no choice but to buy him what he wanted. It just so happened that we were passing a guy who had exactly what I needed Jack wanted.

Of course, all of this played right into my conclusions coming out of our visit to the gun show. After witnessing a demonstration of a laser targeting system that monitors performance while dry firing your handguns, I have become more convinced than ever that, men never really grow up; their toys just get more expensive. The fact that, as I type this I keep periodically glancing over at a 2’ Lego model of the Deathstar only reinforces this statement.

With that, I’ll keep my promise of making it short and sweet.


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