Nursery Rhymes with Derrik

I was sorely tempted to include a new section to my newsletter, I was thinking of calling it, “Nursery Rhymes with Derrik, the part of the newsletter where Derrik comes out and rewrites a nursery rhyme.”  Then I realized that that particular title was ridiculously long and probably wouldn’t fit in one line when prominently displayed across the page.  Then I also realized that I would probably run out of nursery rhymes very quickly and then I would be stuck coming up with new material every week but instead of injecting my own flavor of humor they would have to make some kind of sense, or at least as much sense as a nursery rhyme typically does because no one would get a joke dealing with giving an infant a bottle of gin without first understanding the whole basis for why I am giving an infant any of these absurd gifts at all…  Also, I kind of stink at writing poetry.

I received my solar powered turbines earlier this week.  Of course, it wasn’t long after I had received them that I had already constructed my own little windfarm.  Turns out 30+ turbines takes up a lot of desk space.  I’m probably going to have to cut back a little bit; that or figure out how to make a “solar clock” where the number of turbines spinning (caused by the amount of sunlight streaming through my office window) corresponds to the time of day.  I swear, I’m just like a little kid sometimes… a little kid with an engineering degree and a relatively decent understanding of pressure, explosions, and other calculable things that make physics fun.

photo 1

As I was eating lunch the other day I started wondering, if the picture below is called a Snack Pack, why do they divide the pudding up into four different containers?  It makes it very inconvenient whenever I am rapidly trying to consume pudding.

photo 2

I will say this after having been here for over a month.  If it keeps up this will be a rival for one of the windiest sites I’ve ever been on.  For a number of years I’ve been convinced that I would never be on a site windier than the one I ran in North Dakota.  Sitting at the top of the hill, like we did, in our camper with 50-60mph winds buffeting us around on a weekly basis was enough to drive anyone crazy.  On at least one occasion, Leslie and I woke up feeling a little seasick from all the rocking of the trailer.  And that is really saying something because I don’t get seasick easily.  The winds here have been crazy, enough so that I am a little concerned about the construction of the windfarm, because, unfortunately, the one thing that makes it an excellent place to build a windfarm is the same thing that makes it very difficult to build a windfarm.  Strong winds can force us to shut down crane operations and prevent us from doing any work uptower.  So, we’ll see how that works out.

It’s worth mentioning that for probably the first time in over 12 years I purchased a bicycle.  After having burnt myself out on this whole running thing I needed something to keep me active, yet driving to and spending time at a gym after long days of work just sounded so unappealing, so I bought a bicycle.  You know that old saying, “it’s just like riding a bike?”  I’m not so certain that I hold much stock in that saying anymore; that’s not to say I have forgotten how to ride a bike, I just don’t remember feeling quite so wobbly when on one.  Let’s just say I probably won’t be doing any tricks anytime soon.


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