Splash Zone

Things have officially started on my project now… sort of.  We had a meeting on site with out customer to discuss how things would officially start, so we’re pretty close.  The good thing is that I have nearly completed the construction of my own personal wind farm.  Over the years I have accumulated a number of desktop models, enough so that I can operate my own farm.  Three of these turbines are functional, at least in the sense that the rotors spin, one is powered by solar, one by USB, and the third is actually wind powered.  What has really got me excited is another solar powered turbine that I have ordered.  One of my guys had one he had gotten as a gift at another site; I liked it enough that I went online to try and find one for myself.  I found the exact model; however, the company has a minimum order quantity of 25.  After a little internal back and forth I decided to go ahead and make a purchase of 25 units knowing that I would probably be able to sell 23 of them to the various people who walk into my office and comment on how awesome my collection is.  It dawned on me this morning, that as soon as these turbines arrive, (at least until the point where I begin selling them), I’ll be able to have a 30 unit wind farm set up on my desk.  *Sigh* Boys and their toys.


Recently Leslie has gotten pretty cocky about her diaper changing abilities and despite my numerous warnings about being inside the “splash zone” while performing the initial opening of the diaper she continues to change them utilizing her own method.  Yesterday she texted me a picture of a wet streak running up the front of her shirt.  Turns out her own containment methods failed when she discovered a geyser during the initial opening stages; much to her chagrin she was located inside the splash zone.  Hmmm… perhaps she will heed my warnings about the “splatter radius*” now.

*While this is similar terminology it refers to precautions taken against two completely different forms of containment failure.

I have rewritten the latter half of this newsletter several different times, each time deleting each paragraph due to the inflammatory nature of my conclusions (regardless of how right they may be), so before I get into any more trouble I decided that I would just make this a short one and wrap it up with an explanation of why it was so short.  The brevity of this newsletter had nothing to do with the fact that I have a box of Thin Mints staring me in the face that I determined I would not start munching on until I had published.  Come hither oh breakfast of champions.


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