Well, after having spent the past two weeks being chased around the United States by one snow storm after another it only seems fitting that I may be driving to Austin tomorrow in some… unfavorable conditions.  Two weeks ago I escaped Houston right after a storm of cataclysmic proportions, a storm of such severity not seen in recorded history, a storm involving multiple, yes, you heard me correctly, multiple snowflakes… as in more than two.

Next, Leslie and I fled Atlanta just before a snowstorm left the roads and highways looking like the opening scenes of The Walking Dead.  Unfortunately, our escape didn’t take us quite far enough as we ended up being delayed in north Georgia at my mom and dad’s for a couple of days due to the storms that rolled through the south.


Leslie and I then spent Thursday evening driving through the night in order to maximize the amount of time Jack spent sleeping in the car.  That particular trip was a pleasant success.  It was also the primary reason I was unable to grace the world with my elegant form of written word.  We spent the next couple of days getting our stuff out of storage and packed into our new camper.  Sunday morning brought 3” of snow to the Oklahoma City area, enough that many churches and businesses were closed down.  While the roads were in pretty rough condition we weren’t quite ready to head out at that point so we stuck around until Monday night.

We had originally planned on heading down to Dallas Tuesday morning, but as we watched the weather on Monday we noticed that a new storm system was supposed to arrive early Tuesday morning bringing more snow and even worse road conditions, something I wasn’t thrilled about testing while towing a new camper.  What’s worse was that even more snow was scheduled later during the week which would only have made delaying our schedule even worse.

Monday we went and had our photos taken by a professional photographer… you know, someone who isn’t using an Apple product as their main source of capturing images.  We’ve only seen a preview so far, but we think she did a pretty good job.

We finished packing our camper at 2230 at night and we decided to go ahead and head down to Dallas ahead of the snow.  Tuesday and Wednesday Leslie and I spent recovering from the aftereffects of food poisoning.  Let’s just say that if Mount Vesuvius and Mount Saint Helens had a child… well, fortunately that little volcano remained dormant through the week.  Thursday brought more snow, this time to the Dallas area.

We plan on driving down to Austin Friday morning, but current weather forecasts show that freezing rain will be following us most of the way if we don’t leave early enough… go figure.

Wednesday night gave me more perspective into a genius bit of baby maneuvering called the tot takeover.  This move involves the infant being placed between the two parents on the bed and over the next thirty minutes gradually forcing one of the parents out of the bed as the tot shifts sideways into the superman position.

Thursday night we tried out peas for the first time, let’s just say that his face closely resembled that of someone who had recently caught a strong whiff of his (Jack’s) gaseous rectal excretions, which, as to which anyone who has spent more than fifteen minutes with this child can attest, are sufficiently lethal as to be classified as weapons grade material.


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