Wonder Chin Powers Activate

Of all the things I will not forget about my time in Brazil I do not think that I will ever forget the amusement I felt every time I saw someone drinking coffee.  It is not because natives of Brazil happen to drink coffee in any wildly radical fashion, rather it has everything to do with the fact that they all drink from these ridiculously large coffee cups (shown below).  I asked why it is that Brazilians drink coffee in such small quantities and I was told that it was because Brazilian coffee is so strong.  While I am not a connoisseur of coffee I can tell you with absolute certainty that their coffee is not any stronger than what you would typically find in the US, but it is significantly sweeter.

photo 1

My time in Brazil has seriously interfered with my ability to watch American football games, while Leslie has recorded the games I requested there’s just something that makes the game a little less entertaining once you already know the outcome.  That said, when I figured out that there were a series of excellent bowl games starting up January 2nd I decided that with my return to the US occurring on the 7th I could have Leslie record the games and I would simply avoid all contact with social media, TV, ESPN, English speaking radio, email, or any credible news source in order to avoid discovering the outcomes of any of the games, particularly Oklahoma vs. Alabama.  For four days I successfully dodged all information sources that would have told me the outcomes of any of the games, there were several close calls in the form of emails and direct Facebook messages, but in each case I was able to avoid any kind of spoilers.  Monday afternoon, less than a few hours before I would pack up my belongings and jump on a plane back to the US, a coworker, with no warning, used our inter-office instant messenger to ask my opinion of the game… of course he didn’t do so without making it absolutely clear about who won.

It has become abundantly clear that as the end of the week approaches there is a direct correlation between the amount of newsletter material that I have prepared/written during the week and the quality of said material.  Thus when Saturday morning crops up and I still haven’t written a single word the class of my writing is severely degraded.  One should probably make the recommendation that I should quit while I am ahead.  That said, I will close with one last little gem I stumbled across this week.  I am one of the first people that will admit that while there is such a thing as an ugly baby, I have been blessed to be the father of a very cute one.  However, he does have what we might call a little weight problem, this is primarily evidenced by the fact that he has more chins than can be found at the corner of N. Broadway and Alpine in Los Angeles.  When I came home this past time I discovered that 3 of his chins had merged together to become a super chin and the only thing I could think of was “Wonder Chin Powers activate!”


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